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Welcome to the Action Center

Below you will find resources, courses, training & coaching programs, educational resources & videos, certification programs, and more.

Now is the time to get to the next level and join with others to make a real difference in the world.

Please note that we are continually adding and improving these resources. Suggestions are welcome!
Thank you for visiting. Wishing you peace, happiness, and true success always!

The Way - Basics

Get The Way Downloads

Click this box to get all the downloads listed within The Way, Life Manual, and Child and Family Guide. We will also be posting other helpful downloads there too.

Read The Way?
Get Your Certification Here

If you have read The Way, you deserve a reward. Click this box to get your certificate, bonuses, awards, and find out how to get to the next level.

Become a Certified
Trainer & Coach

Do you really know and follow The Way? Would you like to help others to do the same and get paid for doing so? Click Here to Help Save The World!

Shop the Store

Are You looking for products, gadgets, food, ingredients, and more that are mentioned within The Way? Visit our Store to find the best products that can be delivered to you from around the world.

Training & Coaching Programs

Check Out The Way
Fast Start Program

Would you like some help integrating all the best of The Way into your life as quickly as possible?
If Yes, Click Here to Learn More. 

Explore All Training, Courses & Events

To learn about our Fast Start Program, Certification Program for Trainers and Coaches, and more - Click This Box and Explore the Possibilities!

Investigate Transformational
Life Coaching Programs

Having a coach helps us go faster than we could alone. Want to become your best as quickly as possible? Click this box to explore the program.

See Our Business Services

Do you have a business or organization that could use some help? Check out our business programs that will help you improve your bottom line, as well as, customer, employee, and the publics satisfaction.

How to Connect & Participate

Connect With Us

Click here to find our Social Media Links. You can also learn about career opportunities and how to make money with us in other ways. If you are in an organization, you can also see if we can create something even greater together.

Explore the Blog

To blog or not to blog...we are developing our blog. We know it's not great right now...but it will be! Please tell us what you would like to see.

Join our Media
Label & Contests

We are currently running several projects and contests. If you are a positive artist looking to make a difference in the world - Click Here and Sign Up. We may not have a project now, but we are collaborating with a lot of people, and you may be right for a future project.

Help Us - Please Share

There are a lot of ways we can help each other. The better we do, the more we can help you and our world. Explore the possibilities - always remember a click, and a dollar from a lot of people adds up to something very powerful!

Some of What is in Development

Glossaries, Lists, Charts & More

We will be adding all different types of Media to the site as we go forward. You will be able to find all kinds of resources to help you in your life. Some of the basics include Lists and Charts, Videos, Audio, and Images.  We will also be including some glossaries that tie into The Way. One of them will be a Glossary dedicated to Virtues.

This Section of Our Website Is Under Development

 Please Check Back - We Will Announce When Ready

Apps in Development

The Way, Daily Way, Life Manual, and Child & Family Guide all have great app potential. We are working to develop the feature set to launch with as well as planing for the future. If this interests you, sign up and be part of the creation and learn about release dates and more!

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