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Transformational Life Coaching

Transformational Life & Business Coaching Services

Are You Ready to Be Truly Successful?

Now is the time for you to build a firm foundation so you can be your best!

Not only is achieving True Success possible, it’s life changing!

We are here to help you...every step of the way.

We live in a world filled with challenges, tests, confusion, and distraction.

We all need something to help our hopes and dreams come true.

Well, this all changes today because the solution is here.

It’s time to hire a coach to accelerate the creation of the life you always wanted.

You Found Us at this Critical Moment.

So Why Not Take a Moment and Learn More?

You have Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain!

What You Will Learn: Our coaching programs are designed to help you, your family, and your business integrate the insights found within The Way into your life as quickly and easily as possible. To be clear, you can follow the steps of The Way and achieve the same results. However, for some of us, the right coach can simply accelerate our progress. We can go as far as you want including a total life makeover to refining parts of your life that are most at issue. Our only goal is to guide you to True Success from where you are right now. We will help you in all areas of your life. We will help you find and get on your True Path so you can be your True Self and live your True Life.

Why You Want a Coach: Having a life coach is a proven way to accelerate your advancement. Having a Transformational Life Coach whose job it is to figure out how to integrate the best practices in foundational areas of life is how you advance more quickly down your True Path toward your True Self and True Life. This is how you can make a more positive impact on the world sooner rather than later.

The goal of our transformational coaching program is to make you Truly Successful as outlined within The Way. To help you solve your greatest problems, create the ultimate you, improve all your relationships, help find a way to make a difference in the world as well as help you perfect everything as you go forward.

How We Help You: We work with you over 90-day cycles to build habits. We customize your plan to fit your life, and it is designed to fix and focus all that are you-- mind, body, emotions, spirit, and how you interact with society. You will integrate key foundational ways of being that are covered within The Way so you can not only thrive but continue to get better and better.

What You Get: Our only goal is to get you on your True Path to becoming your True Self. You will have a clear roadmap, help, and resources to draw upon. You will know exactly what you can do. You will know the goals as we set them together at the beginning. The whole program is result and outcome-oriented.

Limited Availability: Currently, all Coaching is provided by The Founder and his support team. Because of this, we can only take on a few clients per year. Once we have trained other Coaches, we will offer more coaching.

Ideal Clients:  Our ideal clients are people who truly wish to go to the next level and challenge themselves to be their best in all aspects of life. Plus, those who are influencers such as business leaders, those in powerful positions, the wealthy and famous such as celebrities, politicians, athletes, CEOs, social media stars, etc. can help us reach more people. Additionally, having those who would be willing to let us film some of the transformation process so that we can create a video would be very helpful.

The reason influencers are ideal clients is that time is limited and by helping an influencer, we can also help all their fans. This is how we amplify our efforts and more quickly help our society. We have just started this mission and would love to coach everyone one but there simply is not time. Once we have trained other coaches, we will have more abilities.

Language:  At this time services are provided in English. If translation services are needed, they need to be provided separately.

Timeline: We would prefer to work with our clients for at least 1 year. The reason for this is that it takes 90 days to build a habit, and we would like at least 4 cycles to work with you on building the foundations. If you would like some other arrangement, please specify that in the form.

Fees:  We do not charge a set fee for service. We would like to work with everyone. We will take on clients for as low as $1 as well as charge others much more. The reason for this is $1 is a lot of money to some of us whereas $1 million can seem like little to the very wealthy. We choose those we want to work with because they can make a great difference and want to create positive change.

On the form below we ask you to note the fee you would like to pay. The higher the level, the more help we can be. Also, we can only take on lower-paying clients if we have enough higher-paying clients. The form does not commit you to anything. This information helps us choose which customers to work with.

To Learn More About Our Fee Structure Click Here

If you would like to learn more and have us consider you as a potential client,

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