Do You Know THE WAY?

"Simplifies So Much of Life!"
"If there was ever a time we all need
to understand The Way it's Right Now!

"Revolutionary & Transformational!"
"The Way is new (official launch 2021),
it's not what you think, it's truly original,
we all need to know The Way!"

"Simply Fantastic!"
"The Way clearly outlines the details
that we all need to know!"
"A Book for The Ages!"

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One People | One World
The One Show
The One Tribe
The One Movement
The One Party

Join The Revolution!

"All for One, One for All,
United We Stand, Divided We Fall"

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You have reached the hub for The Way, The One Show, The One Tribe, The One Movement, The One Party, Andrew Calderella, and The 7th Foundation.

We are here because to create a wonderful world; we need to become better people. For us all to be our best, we need a clear path that quickly gets us on the same page in all the critical areas of life as well as unites us in a way we can make positive changes happen.

The solution is simple - We gain the foundational knowledge and best practices through The Way & The One Tribe & The One Show as we unite within The One Movement & The One Party to peacefully make the positive changes happen.

Know The Way & Join The One - Be Your Best & Get It Done!

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Best Selling Author, Philosopher, Professional Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO, Inspirational & Enlightening Talk Show Guest.
Helping us all live a meaningful life & make a real positive difference in the world.

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Solving Our Greatest Problems

How to Stop Depression & Suicide
How to Overcome Addiction
How to End Corruption
How to Fix our Justice System
How to Peacefully Force Positive Change
Why Violence Will Never Lead to Lasting Peace
The 10 Laws to Live By
& More.

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