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The Way: 7 Revolutionary Steps to Living a Meaningful Life and Making a Real Difference in the World

The Way

7 Revolutionary Steps to Living a

Meaningful Life Making a

Real Difference in the World


Your Ultimate Guide to

Positive Relationships

Optimal Health

True Success &

Lasting Happiness!

Are You are Ready to Be Truly Successful?

The 7 Steps found within The Way will guide you there.

Now is the time for you to build a firm foundation so you can BE your best!

Not only is achieving True Success possible, it’s life changing!

The Way is here to help you...every step of the way.

We live in a world filled with challenges, tests, confusion and distraction.

We all need something to help our hopes and dreams come true.

Well, this all changes today because the solution is here.

It's time to learn The Way so you can create the life you always wanted.


You Found The Way at this Critical Moment

So Why Not Take Moment and Learn More?

You have Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain. 

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The Way

7 Revolutionary Steps to Living a

Meaningful Life Making a

Real Difference in the World

Short Introduction - In Development

The goal of this video is to give you a short introduction to The Way.  - Currently in Development.

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Questions Answered  within The Way 

What Will You Learn Within The Way?

The Way answers many important questions. Some are listed below.

There are many, many more answers found within The Way.

1. What is the purpose/meaning of life?
2. Why am I here?
3. What is Success?
4. What is True Success?
5. How can I become my True Self and be Truly Successful?
6. How can I help make our world a better place?
7. How can I become the best person I can be (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually)?
8. How do I live a long and healthy life?
9. What is the human condition?
10. What is a belief system/moral code?
11. What are the 10 Laws that make up a core value system that can guide me through life?
12. What is life?
13. How do I care for life and our world?
14. How do I treat other people?
15. What does equality mean?
16. Who or What is God?
17. What is soul and spirit?
18. What is Heaven?
19. What is important to God and how am I judged?
20. What is religion and what are the major religions?
21. If I believe in God, how am I judged and how do I get to Heaven?
22. How can I better use time?
23. How can I use rituals to make life more enjoyable and fun?
24. How do I create a life plan?
25. What are virtues and best practices?
26. How do I create positive habits and how long does it take?
27. How do I get rid of bad habits/negative thinking?
28. How do I sleep so I get the most out of it?
29. How do I fuel myself correctly with Light, Air, Water, Food, and Information to thrive?
30. How do I care for my health?
31. How can I become the correct weight and then maintain it without dieting?
32. How do I overcome addiction, depression and suicidal thoughts?
33. How can I do all my life tasks and projects in the best way possible?
34. How to I train myself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to be my best?
35. How do I put my best foot forward in the world?
36. How can I be a good friend and make friends?
37. How can I communicate better?
38. How do I deal with negative and damaging relationships?
39. What is important to know when raising children?
40. How do I create a stronger, healthy, positive family?
41. How do I participate in society in a meaningful way?
42. How do we affect positive change?
43. What are the systems that run society?
44. What is power, how does it work and how can I help direct power in a positive direction?
45. What is government, how does it work and how can I help direct our government in a positive direction?
46. What is wealth, how does it work and how can I help direct wealth in a positive direction in our society?
47. How do I care for my money/wealth?
48. How do I join with other people and make a difference?
49. How do I keep what is good/perfect and make things better?
50. How do I start to become my best right now?

Competition Comparison

Why Buy The Way Instead of Another Book?

As you have seen under why The Way Now, The Way fits into many literary genres. Below we have taken the top performers from the most profitable category of self-help and done a comparison. We understand that some of these books have been out for many years. However, this is not an issue as all the past and contemporary books have the same weakness when compared to The Way. In all human history, there has never been a single book, or even a small group of books, that covers the diversity of critical information we so desperately need to know that is found within The Way.

That weakness is that they all focus on one or only a few key concepts and most often do not include a real plan on how to integrate the message into our lives. In the end, all the millions of books that have been published through time share the flaw of being incomplete when compared to The Way. Therefore, The Way fits so well within so many different genres. It is like the master key that unlocks all the knowledge we most desperately need to know from within all these different genres. The Way is The One Book to Rule Them All (hee-hee in a good way!)


How to Win Friends and Influence People

This book is similar to The Way because it does a great job covering most of what is needed to have and maintain friendships. The Way goes much further in that it covers more of what is needed, other types of relationships as well as includes all the other aspects in what we need to become a better person and a better world.

The Secret

This book is similar to The Way because it covers how to create and use an affirmation and how important it is to be open to abundance in our lives. The Way goes much further in that it covers these 2 topics and many more key virtues as well as how to implement them into our lives.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

One of the first books in my collection. This book is similar to The Way in that it covers 7 key virtues. However, The Way covers many more and includes how to actualize them within our everyday lives.

You Can Heal Your Life

This book is similar to the way in that it shows that our mind is the most powerful tool we have in caring and healing ourselves. The Way goes further in that it covers exactly how to develop and maintain our bodies, minds and emotions to serve us and so much more.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

This book is similar to The Way in that it also covers key communication concepts within relationships and with people in general. However, The Way goes further and shows how to build and maintain positive relationships as well as many other key concepts we need to know to truly be successful with the opposite sex and in life.

Think and Grow Rich

This book was one of the first books in my collection as a boy. It is similar to The Way in that it focuses on a few virtues that are related to what wealthy people feel helped them become successful. The Way, by contrast, covers these virtues and a lot more information on what it takes to be successful in all areas of life. The Way also includes a customizable action plan on how to integrate those virtues into your life.

Chicken Soup for the Soul

This book is similar to The Way in that we learn different virtues and best practices through inspirational stories of people who used these to make it through some hard circumstances with some amount of grace and/or success. The Way goes further and outlines how specifically to ingrain the right qualities so that when faced with hard times, we can find our way through in the best way possible.

The Way

The Way is a Transformative 7 Step Guide and Life Reference and is bigger than most books in this genre. This is because it's a complete solution covering foundational aspects of life and includes details and lists that you need at different times. You would need many hundreds of books to find all the bits of knowledge condensed within The Way. The Way saves time and money.

Learn About The Way Here       |      Buy The Way Here

Why The Way Now?

The Way is Needed Now More Than Ever

We need only pick up a newspaper or turn on the news to see the negativity that is rising around the world. The negativity and wrongness of the world is clearly evident. What is even more evident is that people are rising up and clamoring for real practical positive solutions all around the world. Our connectedness has helped us all become more aware of our similarities as well as our growing global power to create positive change.

The questions answered within The Way can be seen as a formula that once input into a human and our society, the code will affect positive change from within. The Way is a catalyst and codified in a way that focuses and moves us in positive directions. The Way is a complete solution that will save us time and help us become better people, improve our relationships and help create a better society. It not only includes all the information and implementation strategies but also charts, lists, and examples that can be customized to create a plan that fits your life. So far, all who understand The Way have said this is needed more than ever. One need only start reading to understand why.


The Way is a complete solution and therefore fits into many literary categories some of which include:




Anger Management

Anxieties & Phobias

Art Therapy & Relaxation

Communication & Social Skills


Death & Grief


Eating Disorders



Inner Child

Memory Improvement



New Age

Personal Transformation




Stress Management


Time Management


Health, Fitness & Dieting

Addiction & Recovery


Alternative Medicine

Beauty, Grooming & Style

Children's Health

Diets & Weight Loss

Diseases & Physical Ailments

Exercise & Fitness

Men's Health

Mental Health


Psychology & Counseling


Safety & First Aid

Sexual Health

Sports Health & Safety

Teen Health


Women's Health


Parenting & Relationships

Family Activities

Family Health

Family Relationships

Marriage & Adult Relationships


Pregnancy & Childbirth


Special Needs


Politics & Social Sciences


Politics & Government

Social Sciences



Religion & Spirituality




Christian Books & Bibles




Literature & Fiction

New Age & Spirituality

Religious Studies

Worship & Devotion



Encyclopedias & Subject Guides

Survival & Emergency Preparedness


Teen & Young Adult

Education & Reference

Personal Health

Religion & Spirituality


Social Issues

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The Way

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