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To create a wonderful world, we need to become better people. For us all to be our best, we need a clear path that quickly gets us on the same page in all the critical areas of life as well as unites us in a way we can make positive changes happen fast.

The solution is simple - We gain the foundational knowledge and best practices through
The Way, The One Show, & The One Tribe as we unite within The One Movement & The One Party to make the positive changes happen.

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We have to start somewhere, and cant be everywhere yet. So we have chosen to launch Facebook as it gives us the most reach. We will be moving to other platforms and working in the real world as we move forward.

The One Tribe
Helping everyone become their best,
live wonderful lives and have fun!

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The One Movement

Uniting all good people and organizations to
peacefully force positive changes in our world!

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The One Party

A new political party embracing all virtue and solutions regardless of politics to make government work correctly for everyone!

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The One Show
Exploring solutions on how we can all
be our best & create a wonderful world!

===>Pilot In Development<===
Testing shows and segments within The One Tribe on Facebook.

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The 7th Foundation, The Way, and The One are a catalyst that spurs meaningful positive change within people's lives and our society in order to create a world of lasting peace and happiness that everyone can enjoy. To say it another way, we are about helping people live their best life, peacefully fixing our society and helping our world thrive.

Our Motto: All for One, One for All, United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

This was chosen because it is profound and truly a critical core value to live by as an individual, organization, and as a society. This is because it embodies the idea of the Golden Rule (Treating People as You Want To Be Treated - See Universal Law 5 Hereand how we, as a species, will succeed or fail. We use this as a chant at events and protests. It shows our solidarity and desire to find true solutions with and for all of us. It's also great because it works as a shared pledge and a great motivator.

Hashtags: #WeR1 #We1 #WeOne #WeWon #OnePeople #OneWorld #TheOne #TheWay

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