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    VIP Download Center Access Includes: All the materials, guide, lists, templates that are mentioned within The Way, Life Manual, and Child & Family Guide. You will also find other helpful resources as well. Here are some of the gifts you can claim.   

    Here is some of what is inside:

    The Daily Way Template: Create and Perfect Your Day.

    Habit Focus Templates: Helps Keep In Mind What You Are Really Focusing to Improve

    The Communication Check List: This mini-guide is a short version of what is found within The Way. It is designed to be a reference throughout your day and during live conversations to help you become a better communicator.

    Meditation Mental Focus Guide: Outlines the primary 5 meditation methods, breathing techniques as well as all kinds of positive affirmations and ideas that can be used during focused mediation sessions.

    Mini Workout Examples: A list of mini workouts you can do throughout your day to keep yourself fit and active. Add in your own and make it fun.

    Yoga Cards: Find yoga cards that will allow you to construct your own workouts.

    You Will Also Gain Access to Future Releases. Some of Which Include:

    The Fuel Consumption Guide: Learn what, how much & when to consume light, air, water, food, and information.

    Recipes: Learn How to Make Everything that is Within the Fuel Consumption Guide.

    Safety & Emergency Pack Creation Guide: Learn how to create the different types of survival packs you should have like the: Quick Escape, House, Car, & Travel.

    The Child Disciplinary Guide: An outline of all the steps and things to remember when disciplining your child that were covered within the Child & Family Guide.

    The Child Sleep Guide: An outline of all you need to do to ensure your child develops solid sleep habits and can get ready and then asleep without an issue.

    Virtue Glossary, Lists, Charts & Other Resources: we are developing a master virtue/failing list as well as other charts and resources.

    We are Just Getting Started! Stay tuned!

    Please enter your name and email address below. We will then email you the information.



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