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The One Party

One People | One World | One Party

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The One Party is for all people and organizations who seek to make government work correctly! We are all about implementing true solutions without regard for politics. We are working to unite all good people and organizations to make government work correctly for everyone!

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Our governments must work well if we are all to be our best, live wonderful lives, and create a world of lasting peace and happiness that everyone can enjoy. Within this group, we share, explore, and refine the best practices and knowledge to make government work for humanity. Our work includes electing those of true merit, legislating meaningful positive changes, as well as building a balanced political party that is by, of, and for the people.

A New World Order?  The old paradigms of “Us vs. Them,” “Team Politics,” and how parties only extol a few virtues while ignoring others have failed.  For example, we don’t want law and order without true justice nor economic growth without fair pay and environmental care. The extremes of Right & Left have been tried and failed more than enough times throughout history for us to learn the lessons. We find the proof of failure in the lack of meaningful progress on significant societal issues. These include inequality, unfair work, peace, the destruction of our environment, and the rise of authoritarianism worldwide.

We have named this new political organization “The One Party,” for we are one people on one planet. We are the global “common sense” organization that balances out the extremists who continually lead governments and countries into division, destruction, and war.

To Truly Win, We Must Unite, for Unity is Our Greatest Power! 

Join Now to Make Government Work for You & Everyone!

Join Now for Equality, Justice & to Save Our World! 

You have nothing to lose yet possibly everything to gain!



Our Motto: All for One, One for All, United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

This was chosen because it is profound and truly a critical core value to live by as an individual, organization, and as a society. This is because it embodies the idea of the golden rule (Treating People as You Want To Be Treated - See Universal Law 5 Here) and how we, as a species, will succeed or fail. We use this as a chant at events and protests. It shows our solidarity and desire to find true solutions with and for all of us. It's also great because it works as a shared pledge and a great motivator.

Hashtags: #WeR1 #We1 #WeOne #WeWon #OnePeople #OneWorld #TheOne #TheWay

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