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The 10 Laws to Live By

THE 10 LAWS To Live By

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Within Step 4: Center of The Way we learn how to continue down our “True Path” and put our desire and choice for the positive and the good into rational action by confirming a complete “Core Belief System” or “Moral Code” that covers all areas of life.

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Why Do You Need to Confirm a Code?

We all have a core value system. Core values are also known as a moral code and paradigms. They are fundamental to your success because they affect and determine your attitude, intentions, thoughts, judgments, choices, words, actions, reactions, emotions, feelings, and other beliefs. Add all of this together, and this is basically who you are.

This means that a small set of values affects and determines your view and how you feel about yourself, parents, foreigners, God, religion, education, government, our environment, the rich, the poor, politics, money, sex, drugs, violence, and everything else.

This critical insight is of paramount importance as it determines your fate/destiny and the fate/destiny of humanity. Our core values are the deciding factors that determine our success as individuals and as a species. Therefore, having a complete set of core beliefs that cover all aspects of life is imperative for becoming your best because they affect everything in your life.

You can see “Our Code” as firmware or as an operating system that determines all you do and say. Our core code is the lens that helps us interpret the world around us. So, by centering ourselves through choosing and adhering to a positive moral code that covers all aspects of life, we solve most of the problems of life and society.

 “Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.” - Potter Stewart

The “10 Laws” or “10 Commandments” below are a complete set of positive core beliefs that cover all aspects of life. These “10 Commandments” are at the center of The Way. We refer to these as “Laws” or “Commandments” or “Core Values” because they are self-mandated directives that make up the center of a value system that covers all of life. (Note: I have used “Laws” most often in this book because it’s a shorter word).

It’s my understanding that the “10 Laws” are at the core of all religions, spiritual paths, and our developed human conscience and sense of morality. All is written with the utmost respect and appreciation for all. You can follow The Way, honor God, your religion, spiritual path, and yourself without conflict.

The information contained within the “10 Laws” can help bridge the gap between believers and non-believers, science and religion, as well as east and west. These laws can help everyone gain an understanding of our world and our societal systems. It’s this mass understanding that will naturally change our lives and systems for the positive.

As a set of personal absolute moral guidelines, the “10 Laws” guide you in every situation, which helps you stay on your “True Path.” These “rules to live by” are a construct that you use to check yourself against throughout our day to ensure that you are on track. They are the yardstick to judge the rightness and wrongness of yourself, our society as well as other people.

Really knowing the meaning and intent behind each law and how the “10 Laws” work together as a whole is key to successfully implementing them in life. Any belief that is worth having must not be forced upon you, and it should be able to stand up to others, reason, morality, and your conscience. Therefore, first, we will provide the list of all the laws, and then we define each of these core values in detail.

The laws are grouped into “The Laws of Purpose,” “The Universal Laws,” and “The God Laws.” For some people, at a glance, a few of the Laws may appear to be in conflict with your beliefs. If so, please take the time to learn more and get clarification, for you may find, as others have, that they are not what you assume.

Laws of Purpose

  1. The Primary Purpose of Life is to Be Your True Self, Live a True Life, and Go to Heaven.
  2. The Primary Purpose of Society is to Create Our True Society.

Universal Laws

  1. Respect Life.
  2. All People are Equal.
  3. Treat People as You Want to be Treated.

God Laws

  1. There is No God Other than God.
  2. We are All Directly Connected with God, and this Connection Cannot Be Broken.
  3. God is Our Sole and Final Judge, and We are Judged by Our True Beliefs, Intensions, Words, and Actions.
  4. Respect God.
  5. Worship Only God; God Does Not Require Worship; God Can Only be Freely Worshiped.

The 10 Laws as Positive Statements

  1. I Know My Primary Purpose is to Be My True Self, Live a True Life, and Go to Heaven.
  2. I Know the Purpose of Society is to Create the True Society.
  3. I Respect Life.
  4. I Know We are All Equal.
  5. I Treat Others as I Want to Be Treated.
  6. I Know God is the Only God.
  7. I Know I Have a Direct and Unbreakable Connection with God.
  8. I Know God is My Final Judge, and I Am Judged by my True Beliefs, Intensions, Words, and Actions.
  9. I Respect God.
  10. I Worship Only God Freely.

Why is Heaven Included?

Heaven is included within the “First Law” for all of us who believe and because it’s possible. For those who do not believe in heaven as the ultimate goal, the other concepts of becoming your best and living a great life are still valid primary purposes of life. You can change it to “The Primary Purpose of Life is to Be Your True Self and Live a True Life,” omitting heaven from the law. For those wanting more, note that we will cover more about God and Heaven within the “God Laws” later within this step.

NOTE: The details of what each law means is covered in detail within The Way.
Click here to download all of Step 4: Center of The Way for free

The “10 Laws” just covered comprise a complete core belief system, covering all areas of life, that once confirmed within you act as a compass heading, helping you to judge life moment by moment to ensure you are moving in a positive direction. You can learn the full meaning of each within The Way.

To briefly sum up, “The 2 Laws of Purpose” show us that our purpose and the meaning of life are found in making ourselves and everything their best. “The 3 Universal Laws” show us how to care for each other, all life, our world, and the universe in positive ways. “The 5 God Laws” shows us how to have a great relationship with our creator as well as develop our religious and spiritual systems, so they bring peace and help all of us.

Together, these “10 Commandments” help us to “live rational, positive action” in critical areas of life. They show us the way, bringing clarity, peace, and moving everything in a positive direction. The deeper your understanding and commitment to these core beliefs, the more they will help you navigate life.

Your choice to live by this code will change your future and our world for the positive. This is because all evil needs to win is for good people to do nothing or to do the wrong things. Armed with the “10 Laws” and The Way, you will know what actions to take. It’s through centering on these fundamental core values as a species that we can truly unite and make a real difference now and for future generations.

The text above is only part of the section. Click here to download all of Step 4 of The Way for free!

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