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About The Author & Founder

About The Author & Founder Andrew Calderella

Best Selling Author, Philosopher, Professional Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO,
Inspirational & Enlightening Talk Show Guest.
Helping us all live a meaningful life & make a real positive difference in the world.

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Short Introduction
Andrew was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1966 to parents fighting for the civil rights movement. His life is a combination of The Rocky Story, Think and Grow Rich, & The Celestine Prophesy on Steroids! He has been through so many harrowing and intense situations that those stories alone could fill volumes.

He has overcome dyslexia, other learning disabilities, being legally blind in one eye, and being bullied to become a school leader, athlete, and attain university degrees in Speech & Communications, Religious Studies, and Eastern Philosophy. He has lived overseas, traveled the world, is a martial artist, yogi, and what many call a health and fitness fanatic. He is a serial entrepreneur and has run a successful strategic consulting firm for over 20 years. He is the creator of The 7th Foundation, The One Tribe, One Movement, One Party, and the bestselling author of The Way, 7 Revolutionary Steps to Living a Meaningful Life & Making a Real Difference in the World.

Andrew is an inspirational speaker, trainer, and coach who specializes in helping everyone be their best in all areas of life while making a more significant positive impact in our world. He is helping some of our world’s leading movers and shakers and will influence many more in the years to come.

Longer Biography
Andrew was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, on March 18, 1966. He is not someone that you would have expected to write a book. He was born with a lazy eye, which made him legally blind in one eye. As a result, he wore a patch over his good eye to improve his vision. He has dyslexia and other “learning disabilities,” so he struggled with reading, writing, and arithmetic. Little was known about “learning disabilities” at the time, so learning and adapting to life’s challenges at an early age was difficult.

Along with these issues, he was also bullied by his peers and adults, with one elementary school teacher even going as far as to ridicule him in front of the class, telling him to drop out of school and get a job because he was too stupid ever to graduate.
He learned to compensate. He even became an avid reader and listener to books with a lot of extra effort on his part, the support of his mother, sister, a special teacher, and aid from services for the blind and handicapped. It's important to note that along with these “learning challenges” came some great gifts that allowed him to do and see things others could not. He has also always been a very spiritual person with a special connection to nature.

He went on to not only graduate from high school as the Vice President of the student body but went on to earn a BA in Speech and Communications as well as minors in Religious Studies and Eastern Philosophy. After graduation, he then spent a few years teaching English in Japan and traveling the world, which enhanced his knowledge before returning to the USA.
Throughout his life, Andrew has always worked hard. He was forced into it because of his learning disabilities, but he also likes doing a good job even if no one will see or know about it. Andrew has won many accolades throughout his career and is known as an innovator, out of the box thinker, and someone who gets the job done. He started working when he was very young by doing odd jobs and selling things for money or trade.

For example, in elementary school, he created a little business selling collectibles he got from the ice cream man that got so popular the principal called his parents to shut it down because it was taking all the other children’s lunch money.
At various times he was a paperboy, lifeguard, swimming teacher, gas station attendant, construction worker, stock boy, cashier, appliance repairman, handyman, gardener, janitor, dishwasher, landscaper, food server, personal trainer, security guard/bouncer, martial arts and self-defense teacher, cook, furniture mover, teleprompter operator, teacher, salesman, sales manager, IT manager, recruiter, recruiter manager, marketer, trainer, public speaker, business partner, business owner, startup developer, website programmer, internet marketing and SEO expert, founder, owner and CEO of Consulting Ace Inc. since 1999, and now the author of The Way and the creator of The 7th Foundation.

Andrew has additionally always been very healthy and fit and is what many would call a health and fitness fanatic. He stopped eating all forms of junk food, by choice, at 13 years old after learning about the benefits of real food compared to the harmful effects of junk food. Since then, he has studied all facets of food, health, the human body, mind, longevity, and ways to train and repair ourselves.

He participated in sports while in school, including track, cross-country, basketball, and crew (rowing team). He has competed in triathlons, is an expert swimmer, mountain biker, and yoga practitioner, as well as earned degrees in many forms of martial arts. Andrew was also forced to learn even more profound lessons of the body and mind as he was injured seriously many times in life. While some of these injuries left him with permanent issues, today, few people could recognize any physical limitations aside from the inability to sit in one place for too long.

There is so much more to Andrew as he has lived quite the adventurous life and has had many nail-biting and mind-blowing experiences. It would take a whole book even to begin to tell his story correctly. You will learn a little more about him in the first chapter of this book. Hopefully, the little taste we have given you here is enough to see that most people would not have picked Andrew as someone who should write a book. However, knowing his life and knowledge base, Andrew is definitely someone we want doing so.

“Learning Disabilities” Note: What society has negatively labeled as “Learning Disabilities” are really just “Learning Differences” and alternative ways of thinking that often come with great gifts. This simply means, in most cases, the cookie cutter teaching methods that work for most everyone, just need to be altered to reach these people. If we can master educating this group, it will help our society, for many, if not most, of our greatest achievers and thinkers, have one or more of these issues.

A few of whom include: Leonardo da Vinci, George Washington, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, George Patton, Winston Churchill, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Pablo Picasso, Ludwig van Beethoven, John F. Kennedy, Temple Grandin, Daymond John, Gavin Newsom, Cher, Stevie Wonder, Agatha Christie, Woopie Goldberg, Steve Jobs, Erin Brockovich, Solange Knowles, Keira Knightley, Henry Winkler, W.B. Yeats, Keanu Reeves, Richard Engel, Michael Jordan, Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, Anderson Cooper, Harry Belafonte, Jay Leno, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Justin Timberlake, Tom Cruise, Tim Tebow, John Lennon, Muhammad Ali, Charles Schwab, Will Smith, Vince Vaughn, William Hewlett, Octavia Spencer, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Phelps, Robin Williams, Steven Spielberg, Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and Greta Thunberg. To learn more about "learning difficulties" and gifts, click here.

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