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Within this section, we provide solutions for many of humanities greatest problems.

Our goal is to create a starting point then work with everyone to find true solutions and implement them.
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Solution List:

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How to Prevent & End Corruption

The reason why you will benefit from watching this video is so because Corruption is one of the largest problems in our world and this video will help you understand how corruption happens, how to stop yourself from becoming corrupted and how you can help those who have become corrupt.

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How to Peacefully Force Positive Change

This is a 3 Part Video Series

Video 1: Why Violence Will Never Lead to Lasting Peace.

Video 2: Phase 1 Clarify 

Video 3: Phases 2 Action and Phase 3: Codify.

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How to Fix Our
Justice System

Currently and throughout all of human history, we, the human race, have had problems implementing true Justice for all of us. Within this video you will gain the fundamentals and solutions that will help us all create a true justice system.

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How to Conquer Negative Thinking, Depression & Suicidal Thoughts

Includes The 7 Reasons Not to Kill Yourself

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How to Overcome
Negative Addiction

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Why is “This” Happening & How to Fix It

By “This,” I Mean the Covid19 Virus and the General State of the World.

This seems to boil down to three main questions.

  1. Why Is “This” Happening?
  2. How Do We Get Through “This” and Be Better for It?
  3. How Do We Prevent “It” from Happening Again?

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The 10 Laws to Live By

We all need a guide to help us navigate this life.
The 10 Laws act as a compose helping you find your "True Path" in life.

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Know The Tactics Being Used Against You

There are many tactics that we use against one another to stop us from finding the truth.
Learn them so we can stop the infection.

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