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The Way to Fix Our Justice System

How to Fix our Justice System

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This first video on How to Fix our Justice System is part of a series covering solutions for critical societal issues. Currently and throughout all of human history, we, the human race, have had problems implementing true Justice for all of us.

You will benefit from this video as it outlines the foundations that we all need to know if we are to truly fix this critical system once and for all. While not every detail is covered in this short video, these foundations will get us all moving on the same path and in the right direction.

My next videos will be a 3 part series on how to Peacefully Force Positive Change within any organization or society. These will help us implement these reforms as well as others.

The goal of these Society Solutions Videos is to help us all become our best and create a better world. So please comment and help spread the word – give us a like and share. If you think I have missed anything, please DM me or contact me through my site, and I will add it to a future update.


+++++++++++++++++++++ Transcript of Video +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Welcome and Peace,
Thank you for watching.
My name is Andrew and within this video we will cover The Way to fix our justice system.

For those who are following along within The Way this is part of Step 6 Unite.

The reason why you will benefit from watching this video is because knowing these foundations of justice will allow us all to get on the same page and create the true justice system we are all after. While I can't cover everything in this short video these foundations will set the stage and get us all moving in the right direction.

Fixing our justice system is key because, as we can all see, it determines how everything runs and how we are all treated.
First its key to understand that Justice is a Virtue and tied to our conscience, empathy, sympathy, wanting to live rationally and do the good and positive.

This means Justice is blind, based on equality, treating other people as you want to be treated, its transparent, nonpartisan, and apolitical. Ok let's go through these a little deeper.

Justice is Blind because its impartial and does not regard wealth, power or other status.

Justice being equal means that there is one system for everyone. To be clear there will never be lasting peace without true justice for all of us. We are all diminished if any of us are. We are all equal because we are all members of the human race. This is genetically a fact as we ALL share 99.9 of our DNA - Look up Human DNA 99% and Genetic Adam and Eve if you want a little more on that. If you are of faith then you already know that God created all of us. So here science and religion agree, we are one human family.
So to be clear we DO NOT have a RACE problem because we are One Human Race - We are Equal.
There are problems created by using The Race Word as it confuse and divides us.

The Real problem is that all of us are born ignorant and then some of us learn hatred, prejudice, discrimination and a twisted sense of empathy and sympathy. We have a problem with the sickness of superiority infecting some people, organizations, faiths, and governments. We have problems with legacy systems that are rising out of slavery, oppression, exploitation, ignorance, unfair work and the destruction of our world.

Justice is transparent meaning its clear, understandable - there is none of that fine print gotcha kind of stuff. Justice being nonpartisan means it's not bias in favor of a political party. Justice being apolitical means its uninterested in politics.

Justice is also More Than Just About following a law; it’s about fairness, truth, and what is truly right. As I said this is about our highest ideals…virtue, best practices, empathy and sympathy. It's about fixing the wrongness permanently. At its heart justice is about treating others as you would want to be treated if the situation were reversed. The Golden Rule or Law of Reciprocity has shown up in all our faiths throughout all of human history. This is one of the Laws we must all live by and must be reflected in all our organizations.

Ok, now let's go into some specifics. The basics for citizens when confronted by police to prevent yourself being killed include obeying the officer’s instructions immediately, to stop moving and not making any quick movements. In most cases it’s a good idea to drop what you are holding and to slowly move your open hands, palms facing the officer so they can be seen. Do not yell at them or make any aggressive fast movements. Speak to them with respect and if you have to move ask/tell them before you do anything and do it slowly.

To fix our justice system which includes the police we first must realize it is not a catch all, it can't deal with everything nor fill the gaps in other malformed societal systems. For example the justice system should not be dealing with homelessness, mental health, addiction, social disputes, dog catching, and other issues. So this means our police organizations need to be the right size and funded properly so they can do their job. We do not want and over-funded justice system that is so bloated that we use it for jobs they are not trained or qualified for. We need other social systems to have qualified workers and funding to do those jobs. To be clear, the best person for handling most issues in society is rarely the person trained to use violence with a gun. Fixing our justice system is about proper standards, rules, ensuring policing best practices, training, oversight, checks and balances, and accountably. Also all police actions should be recorded and publicly available so we know exactly what happened and there is no hiding anything.

In MOST cases no force or the least amount of force should be used and care taken not to hurt and injure people. This is about training police to be guardians and not warriors. Nor should the main police force be militarized. Citizens should not be stopped searched nor harassed or ticketed for minor infractions when a warning would serve as well. We must eliminate paid bail for minor infractions and other predatory practices. Our police and justice workers must show all citizens respect and be good role models. At all times, they must treat others as they would want to be treated and speak to people as they want to be spoken to, no matter how the others are behaving and speaking. This is really important…Treating people with respect and being courteous shows strength and is being a good role model that they can then emulate. It would be good if the justice system best practices were standardized and used worldwide so people on all sides - everywhere know what to expect and DO.
Next we must realize that Over 90% of people in prison are poor, illiterate, and/or have no high school diploma and are minorities. Many, if not most of them, have been abused as children. The fact is, it’s the poor, neglected, uneducated, desperate, and lost that are the majority of those who end up within our justice system.

Because of these societal failures, most prisons should be reform centers where we don’t mix the first time and the nonviolent with the repeat and violent. Where we don’t lock up the mentally ill and addicted - instead getting them help. Most prisons should be concentrating on education and skill and job training. We should be teaching all the basics to life management as covered within The Way as well as using therapy and therapeutic techniques to create positive changes for as many of our citizens in these circumstances as possible. We can even provide jobs so they can help pay for their upkeep and help pay back to those they hurt. Also, after someone has served their time and is released, a support system, work, and temporary or even long-term relocation and housing should be provided whenever needed to prevent recidivism (becoming a repeat offender and going back to jail). We need to end for-profit prisons because their goal is to have more and more prisoners - not to help anyone. We should give back voting rights to those who have paid their debt and served their time. We also need to end the death penalty because killing is wrong, the practice teaches violence is a solution, and too many have been killed unjustly for this to continue.
We, as citizens, all must understand that policing and working within the justice system is very challenging and that they need our help, respect, and support. We cannot label all policing as bad or treat them all poorly. Good police are doing a vital job in our broken society - we need them. All good justice workers should have our thanks not our scorn.

For those of you in positions of power, like law enforcement, and government and are ok with not treating everyone as equals or well - you need to know that your lacking will build up resentment, mistrust, and even hatred toward you. This is because the disrespect conveys contempt, distrust, dislike, and even hate. It's hard to respect those who treat you inhumanely. To be respected, you must be respectable. As law enforcement we must realize we are working to protect and serve ALL the citizens even those of us who have gone astray. There will never be lasting peace without equality and true justice for all.

The rest of what is needed to fix our justice systems is complex, but much of it boils down to justice workers and citizens treating each other as equals and as they would want to be treated if the situation were reversed. This value needs to be reflected in our institutions, words, and actions.
In the end, the true strategy is to prevent the need for the justice system to get involved in the first place. We do this through the proper formation of society. Here we work to build our True Society as outlined within The Way where everyone is equal, where we treat others as we want to be treated in all circumstances naturally and this virtue is reflected in all our societal systems. A world in balance, thriving, and at peace, where all people have a real clear path to become the best they can be. A clean world of beauty, wonder, fun, challenge, and plenty, where everything is done in an artful way that adds happiness to everyday life. A world of opportunity and freedom for all.

Ok I'm stepping out of the presentation. If you understand these principals and want to know the EXACT steps to make them reality. See my Videos on How to Peacefully Force Positive Change within our Society.

What you have just heard is but a small part of The Way
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Our Time is Short and the Need is Great, please unite with us before its too late.
Thank You for Watching, God bless you, wishing you peace, happiness and true success always.


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