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Testimonials & Endorsements for The Way by Andrew Calderella

Testimonials & Endorsements

At this time, The Way is in editing and will be published soon. So this means we only have limited feedback. Below are a sample of testimonials from those who have read advanced copies.


“This is exactly what I needed.” - Connor M. - 15

“This is one of those books that needs to be published
for the sake of humanity.”
- Judith C. - 95

“I wish I had this information before I gave birth.”- Kelly T. - 30



“This is the kind of book you read and then keep in easy reach for there is so much goodness to reflect on I want to read it again and again. Everyone needs to know this, we are just not taught this stuff but should be, this needs to be a movement!" - Abel D. 24

"The Way is a wonderful book to read through, and great to just pick up and reference in moments as well! I know your heart and soul are in it. It's an inspiration." - Lisa C. 45



After a professional review of the manuscript by a published author, I received this comment,
"I say that you have everything you need, first and foremost, because of your writing. It’s commercial and intelligent. It’s unique. And you have an engaging writing style. You’re also bringing something new, valuable, and marketable to your category, and I like that your work explores meaningful themes. Not every book has to “matter” but I prefer that type of book (and author)...In short, you have a lot to be optimistic about, and lastly, I like that you’re coachable and committed and have a sense of humor (the longer I do this, the more I pay attention to those things, too).” - Mark M. - 45



Life-Changing: One of my publishers, who has read hundreds of self-help, self-development, and success books as well as publishes them, found great wisdom within The Way that he had not found anywhere else, and this helped them through a very challenging life event.



A Hollywood Agent said, "Wow Andrews Life combined with
The Way is like the Rocky Story plus The Secret on Steroids!"



“The Way is the wisdom of the ages in one book!” - Donnie J - 34



The bottom line is there is something for everyone within The Way. This can’t be said for most books, and that’s the point. The Way is not like most books.

It’s as one of the publishers said after he and others reviewed The Way.

“We have never seen anything like this, as most self-help and success type books are all just regurgitation of past work from people like Covey and Robbins. The Way is truly original, mind-blowing and can change everything!”

Some have called The Way "The Handbook for Humanity" or "Our Way" reflecting the idea that it is a universal guide for everyone.

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