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You Can Make a Real Difference

Below you will find many ways you can help us and spread the word. If we missed anything let us know and we will include it. Thank you in advance for all your help!

Donate & Fund Us

 We are seeking donations to help us build our organization as well as give aid & books to libraries, prisons, and other needy organizations.  Please help us!

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Buy & Give Books

  • Own The Way: The Way is a great read and life reference, so it's good to have a few copies.
  • Give The Way: The Way can help all of us, making it an excellent gift for any occasion.
  • Donating The Way to schools, libraries, prisons, and other organizations is another great way to help people spread the message worldwide.
  • Organization Buy: If you own or are part of any organization or business buy books or ask your leadership to do so for everyone in the organization. For larger orders, please get in touch with us as sometimes we can offer a discount. Also, see below for other ways your organization can sponsor and hire us.

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Give Glowing Book Reviews &
5 Star Ratings On All Book Sites

Leaving a good review and giving our books a 5-star rating has many positive benefits. First, it helps other readers know what to expect. It also allows our books to rank higher in the search results. So please leave as many good reviews and 5-star ratings on as many sites as possible!

Social Media
Join Us & Help Spread the Word!

Are you on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tiktok or another social media? Connect with us and lets help each other grow! Please give everything a thumbs up, likes, loves, and be sure to share our stuff with your people using our handle!

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Andrew's Appearances On Other Shows
Watch, Share & Rate

To help spread the solutions, Andrew has gone on many shows and is going on more all the time. You can help by listening to the shows many times and giving them all 5 Stare Ratings, Likes, and helpful comments!

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Join The One Tribe

The One Tribe helps everyone become their best, live wonderful lives, and have fun! The Tribe is where we join to share knowledge, help each other, and change the world. The One Show also streams live to this group within Facebook, so you need to be a member to participate. There is a lot of goodness planned for this group; join now, participate, and be a part of the rise of The One Tribe.

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Join The One Movement

Here is where we join all good people and organizations who want to see more positive changes within our world happen faster. Unity is Power and within The One Movement, we will peacefully change the world.

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Join The One Party

A new international political party embracing all virtue and solutions regardless of politics
to make government work correctly for everyone!

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The One Show
Watch, Participate, Rate & Share!

The One Show shares solutions on how we can all be our best and fix our world. You can help by joining us live, participating, showing love, and ask questions. Each show will be then syndicated worldwide in video and audio-only formats. To help even more please give a 5 Star Rating on all the platforms.  and help us rise in the rankings! Also add a nice comment and sharing the show with your people and on our social media will help too! Watch, Participate, Rate & Share The One Show

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Share Your Endorsements & Testimonials

People would like to know about your experiences and insights regarding The Way, The One Show, Training, Coaching and more. You can post them on your social media, tag and share with us. You can also share them with us here to make sure we don't missing anything. Either way we will be sure to share them and tag you! 

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Shop in Our Store

We have selected only the best products that will help you succeed in being your best. We have done the research and found solutions to save you time and money.

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You can always go directly to Amazon using this link:  7Way.Me/Amazon

Shop at Amazon (& Other Stores) Using Our Links

We have joined affiliate programs with different stores and service providers online. Shopping at these stores and help us. Simply click on the link before you shop. Clicking the link will take you to the store notifying them that we sent you. Buying products this way means you will pay the same price yet the store pays us a small finder's fee. These finders fees add up, and since they do NOT cost you any more money, it's a great way to help our cause as you go about your normal life.

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You can always go directly to Amazon using this link:  7Way.Me/Amazon

Hire Us

There are several ways to hire us to help you and/or your organization. Within the Action Center, you will find buttons that lead to a wide variety of opportunities. These include Life and Business Coaching & Training Services, Sponsorships, Strategic Alliances, Signature Brands, Keynote Speaking & Presentations.

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Be Our Sponsor

Become a sponsor, and we will share you with our audience and fans. As with the Strategic Alliances program, we are interested in helping other good organizations gain exposure as they help us thrive and grow.

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Have a Show? Know a Show?

Andrew is an entertaining and enlightening guest for any show. If you have a show or can introduce us to one, it will help!

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