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How to Prevent & End Corruption

The Way to Prevent & End Corruption

Transcription of Video

Welcome and Peace. Thank you for watching. My name is Andrew and within this video we will cover the Way to prevent and end corruption within organizations like our police force, military, government, faith groups, and other positions of public trust.

The reason why you will benefit from watching this video is so because Corruption is one of the largest problems in our world and this video will help you understand how corruption happens, how to stop yourself from becoming corrupted and how you can help those who have become corrupt. For those who are following along within The Way this is part of Step 6 Unite.

The first key to understand is that To be worthy of a position of public trust, we can’t give in to temptation and false loyalties.
The problem is As we work side by side with people, especially in very intense situations, over time, they can become like a family where we would die to help these people.

Those who are soldiers, police, emergency workers, and others working intense jobs often feel this the most keenly. The problem is that our sense of allegiance and duty towards these other people, taken too far, can hurt the person we love, our society, and ourselves.

For example, Police in America use the analogy of the “thin blue line” as a symbol to represent the police standing between chaos and order, between criminals and the innocent. It’s often used to show solidarity among fellow officers. So far, this is all as it should be and a good thing.
The problems only occur when someone violates the rules of the organization, the law, or other virtues within their morality code, and it’s not handled properly. To some, this “blue line” means you can never speak outside the organization and must cover up all problems. We also see this behavior within our religions, governments, and corporations.

In cases like this, not saying anything, this wall of silence - is condoning their behavior and betraying your oaths - This is how you become corrupted too. It is not helping them, you or your organization We are not helping anyone if we do or say nothing or help cover up their corruption. To be clear, it’s through you helping the fallen avoid consequences, cover things up and break the law that you become corrupt, and corruption spreads. You are doing right, being loyal to your loved ones, your job, and the true virtue behind your oath if you do the positive and do not become corrupted.

The truth is most of us in these positions of public trust have a higher code that we believe in (like the “10 Laws” to live by that are in The Way), and often we have even sworn an oath of office to uphold the constitution, the law, equality, justice, or some other virtue rich commitment. These commitments preempt any obligation to the fallen and lost within your organization. This is the whole point to them.
Your actual duty to your loved one is to help them out, not aid them in their negative acts. You need to protect your integrity and the integrity of your organization by outing and excising these problems, or else they will fester and become systemic corruption and “just the way things are done.” You need to help your friends become better people, not aid them down this negative corrupted path. If you aid people in their corruption, you are corrupt.

Our goal as leaders, therefore, is to create fair and open systems so that “we the people” know what is happening, and only those of real merit are in positions of power. It’s about ensuring those of us who are in control have the correct checks and balances to secure us from corruption.
All people and leaders need to work together to end corruption in all levels of society. Our overall goal as leaders is about helping to build a better society on all levels, free of corruption so all people have access to the well-run societal systems and can enjoy a wonderful life.
Ok, I'm stepping out of the presentation. If you understand these principals and want to know the EXACT steps to make them reality. See my Videos on How to Peacefully Force Positive Change within our Society.

End Main Video - Continues with Standard Closing.

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