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Why is “This” Happening & How to Fix It

Why is “This” Happening & How to Fix It

By “This,” I mean the Covid19 Virus and the general state of the world.


Short Link: 7Way.Me/C19

 This all seems to boil down to three main questions.

  • Why Is “This” Happening?
  • How Do We Get Through “This” and Be Better for It?
  • How Do We Prevent “It” from Happening Again?

Each Answer/Solution spans two levels: the Worldly and the Moral/Spiritual.

1. Why is this All Happening?

Worldly Answer: Placing many different types of terrified, sick, and dead animals close together in unsanitary conditions while overusing antibiotics on them will continue to create more and more potent viruses. The C19 virus and others like it come from our continued mishandling of life. These diseases spread so quickly because our global society has not advanced enough, and we don’t currently have the correct leaders and leadership structures in place globally to manage something like this.

For if we had, from the start, we would have all known that C19 spread quickly, was deadly, and could not be detected for a week or more while infecting others. If we did all know this early on, and we had a healthy global society, we could have locked everything down quickly to stop the spread. Also, if we had a healthy global society, when this or any disaster strikes, we would be prepared and know what to do. We would be ready to ramp up quickly so that we can win fast.

Moral/Spiritual Answer: The fact is that we don’t treat each other, life, or our world with respect. Many horrible circumstances persist because our global society and mass morality have not evolved to a high enough level yet. To say it another way, we are not all on the same page when it comes to basic morality and foundational best practices. Humanity is on this world because this universe is a training ground preparing us for a greater reality. Humanity has chosen a path where we must sometimes be burned to learn.

Times like these can wash away all the little meaningless things that were holding us up. They can make most of us stop and appreciate and be thankful for the things we took for granted. Therefore, these types of bad things happen to us because tragedy and hardship bring into clarity what is truly important. The trials and tribulations of life create energy and get us to focus in precise ways. We just need to know how to interpret the signs and determine what to do. This whole event is a wake-up call for humanity to get on the same page regarding the foundations of life, best practices, basic morality, and to stop all of the hate, division, games, and nonsense.

These circumstances will lead to great positive or negative change. To say it another way, we will use the energy created from this event, our free will, and global connectivity to either create a Golden Age or Dark Age. The choice is ours.

2. How Do We Get Through This & Be Better for It?

Worldly Answer: We Must Face It, Take Steps & Work to Be Your Best.

    • Face It: Facing this also means knowing that our society will recover and be stable if we handle this well. We will be ok because our primary workforce is made up of younger, relatively healthy people. So if we do what is needed to protect everyone and don’t give in to mass hysteria, panic, and fear, we will be good. To say it another way, we are NOT all going to die nor get very sick where we need a hospital, nor is society going to stop unless we all panic, create mass desperation, and turn on one another. This virus is thankfully not as harmful as it could have been, like polio, smallpox, Ebola, and others. In other words, not everyone who gets C19 is going to be hemorrhaging blood from their eyes and ears nor end up paralyzed. In one way, COV19 is like influenza, a new harsh flu, or even the common cold in how easy it is to spread. The facts of the virus mean that the stronger and healthier you are, the less likely it will affect you. Therefore, C19 is a significant risk for those who are elderly, have health issues, underlying conditions, and are weak.


    • Take Steps: We are separating and cleaning to slow down how many people get sick at one time. These efforts will flatten out the sickness curve and enable our medical system to help us instead of being overwhelmed.

Visit the CDC for more Instructions on how you can be safe.

The Basics:

      • Clean: Clean shared surfaces with disinfecting agents.
      • Wash: Wash your hands for 20 seconds and often, especially after touching anything in public.
      • Distance: Keep your distance from others – the best is 6 feet or more. Try to isolate yourself at home as much as possible.
      • No Touch: Only touch your face when your hands are clean / do not touch when out and about in public. Don’t touch other people.
      • Elbows: Cough and sneeze into the crook of your arm or into a handkerchief/tissue.
      • Gloves: Use gloves when in public places when possible. Some can even be sanitized and used again.
      • Masks: Some masks are designed for those who are sick and will help stop the spread. Other masks are designed for health workers. Be sure you get the right one. Also, the use of a face shield might be warranted if in close contact with many people who may be ill.
      • Be Prepared but Do Not Hoard: Be prepared but don’t overstock or hoard needed supplies like hand sanitizer, toilet paper, gloves, masks, etc. You do not hoard because we need everyone to be clean and sanitary for this to work. Keeping you and yours safe as well as helping others is how we get through this. We need everyone to have supplies, so they are not desperate. For if we create mass desperation, things will get much worse.
      • Be Your Best: Now is the time to get your life straightened out. Being your best means we all should be cleaning things up and getting organized. We need to perfect our sleep, get fit (physically, mentally, and emotionally), fuel ourselves properly (light, air, water, food, and information), learn something new, and care for your health. Being your best also means helping others where you can. You will only make it if we all do. You can learn more about how to do this within “Step 5” of The Way.

Moral/Spiritual Answer: The lessons, tests, and challenges of life are here for us to learn from and overcome. We must integrate more virtues and best practices into our global societal systems as well as our lives if we are to achieve true success. The fact is that we all need to be on the same page and integrate a wide variety of key information into our lives very quickly if we are to be our best and create a wonderful world. Once the basics are known by most of us, real, lasting solutions can be implemented that will take us to the next level and beyond. If we unite correctly and implement practical solutions, we will be better off as well as create a better world for all who follow.

3. How Do We Prevent an Outbreak Like This from Happening Again?

Worldly Answer: We must respect life. Respect means changing the way we deal with life and our planet on a global scale. If we do not care for life properly, our species cannot survive, let along thrive. Here are some basics regarding animal care that we all need to know.

    • No Mix: Do not put different animals close together. For example, don’t put bats with dogs or pigs with birds, etc.
    • No Scare: Do not terrify them. Fear makes all animals unhealthy. We also don’t want to frighten them all the time because it’s inhumane.
    • No Sick & Dead w/Living: Do not keep the sick and the dead with the healthy and living.
    • Give Space: Do not overcrowd them. Animals need space just as we do to be healthy and happy.
    • Care: Give them clean, nutritious food and clean air, water, and sunshine. If our food animals don’t have good fuels, they will not be healthy, and we will not benefit from them as much as we could.
    • No Overdose: Do not consistently dose all of them with antibiotics. Overuse of antibiotics creates super-bugs that are more dangerous and can’t be killed.
    • Keep Clean: Keep them clean. We can help our animals by cleaning them as well as ensuring their environment is clean as well.
    • Self Care: All humans dealing with animals must take extra care not to pass germs back and forth. The best practices mean no kissing animals. After touching them, wash your hands and do not touch your face until you do so.
    • Animal Food Care: To learn how to handle animal foods, see “The Way: Life Manual: Fuel: Food: Preparation & Storage.”

There are many aspects to caring for our world properly that go beyond this list. You can find them within The Way, “Law 4: Respect Life.” In the end, this is about creating global standards, best practices, and a level playing field.

Moral/Spiritual Answer: Huminites greatest problem and solution can be found in the same place. The fact is we are all born helpless, dependent, ignorant and flawed, and therefore We need our care givers and society to give the correct start if we are to reach our full potential and live a meaningful life.
To create this True Society, we need to become better people. For us all to become our best, we need a clear path that quickly get us on the same page in all the critical areas of life as well as unites us so that we can make these positive changes happen.

The Way, One Movement and New Political Party were born in 2021 to help us achieve this goal. The plan is a simple one. We gain the foundational knowledge through The Way then Join within the One Movement and Party to make the positive changes happen.

Our need to unite globally and agree to some basic principles and ideals should be readily apparent as it only takes a few people somewhere in the world to hate enough or to be ignorant or neglectful to hurt and kill so many of us. In the end, we need a real solution. Again the solution is simply to learn The Way and Join the Revolution of Peace Today!

One For All, All For One, United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

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