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Our label promotes positive art within the world. We are looking for artists who want to collaborate on different types of projects. As we develop the label, there will be more opportunities for collaboration, so check back, sign up to get notified or make a suggestion. Our goal is to create wonderful works of art that will benefit the artists and our world in positive ways.

Please View Our Music, Comedy and Video Projects Below.

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Do You Have a Positive Idea for an Art Project? 

Do you have a Positive Art Project in Mind?  Tell us about it. We might be able to work together to make it real.

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    Music Project

    Positive Verses

    We are looking to create albums in all different genre's focusing on each of the topics and types below.

    All songs will focus on a virtue or a set of virtues. This can include references to the opposite and how to overcome it. It would be great if parts of the songs include positive affirmational statements so while they are sung, those signing along would receive this added benefit.

    The different songs will be categorized and sorted so people can also vote for their favorite songs. We will then release albums and singles.

    • Powerful, Uplifting
    • Peaceful, Thoughtful

    To Enter Please Fill Out This Form

      Comedy Project

      Funny & Meaningful

      Can you or do you know someone who can:

      • Make people laugh about something important?
      • Point out something that helps us learn or understand a perspective in an entertaining and funny way?
      • Tell funny stories about really important issues in our society?

      In this project, we will produce albums solely dedicated to this theme. We want them filled with funny and thoughtful jokes, stories and other riffs on life. The idea is to make us laugh and learn. This is one of the greatest gifts we have as humans. This is a great way to help everyone.

      We are looking for any length content. If it’s one joke, one small riff or insight that is funny, send it to us and you can go on the album. If you have a lot of material, we can mix you in with others on topics, and/or create whole albums out of your work. We can even work with artists to find meaningful topics and perspectives to pursue. If you know someone who would be great for this, please let us know.

      Please fill Out This form If you are interested, have a joke, or routine.

      If it’s posted online, please include links so we can check it out.


        Video Projects - The Way

        Video Project - The Daily Way

        Project 1:  Daily Way - Sleep (Going to Sleep & Awakening Routine)

        Project 2: Daily Way General

        The Daily Way Routine is covered within The Way. We are looking for actors and models who will perform the daily activities according to what is outlined within The Way. We are also looking for anyone who is willing to show how they have adapted the principles into their life.

        We are looking to create videos that apply to different aspects of the Daily Way. We are starting with Sleep and a general walk through of a day and how you can integrate The Way.

        Please Fill Out This Form If You Wish To Be Considered:


          Video Project - Documentary
          Following The Way

          We are looking to create a documentary of how someone goes from being lost to using The Way to improve all aspects of their life. We would like to show the transformational journey in a way that can help others. We can do this with more than one person or family weaving the stories together in a way that shows how The Way can be adapted to all different lifestyles.

          If You Are Interested In This Project Please Fill Out This Form:




            Future Video Projects

            The Way is full of best practices that can be outlined. Our goal is to produce videos that cover all the topics.

            If you are Interested in Any Video Project, Please Fill Out This Form



              Our media label will be running contests so we can find the things people like the most. For Example: We are letting everyone participate in the creation of logos, t-shirt designs, mugs, and more. We as a community can then vote on the ones we like the most so the company can make them for us.  The best of the best will be made into merchandise where the artists will be recognized and compensated.

              Contest Main Logo

              The main logo of our organization symbolizes The Way as a path through 7 points, which then repeat. We are using the infinity symbol combined with 7 points. You can see the idea in these images. The artist used suns to indicate the points. The path is represented by either straight lines which represent a Diamond shape or using an infinity shape.

              The goal is to create great icons using this idea. We know there are many artists out there and this can be done in many ways.

              We are looking for graphics that can be used as a corporate logo and in other places, jewelry, t-shirts, mugs, and more.  If you have talent and ideas, please help us.

              If you are Interested in participating in this contest, Fill Out this Form

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