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Organizational Training & Coaching Services

Are You Ready to Take Your Organization to the Next Level?

Do you want more satisfied customers and workers?

Would you like to make a more positive difference in the world?

Would you like to make more money?

We are here to guide you there.

Customized Programs: All programs are based on the principles outlined within The Way and are customized to fit the need of our client. We can work to find improvement in all areas or work at your direction on problem areas.  Our programs are based on the insights found within The Way and are designed to help your organization move forward in many positive ways. For Example: We can examine your whole organization and make recommendations in many areas that add up to great improvements or instead, we can work areas of your business that need help now. Even if you don’t think anything is wrong, let us look. We have not seen any organization we could not help.  Let us know what you are looking for, and we will create a program for you.

Why Us? Utilizing outside trainers and coaches are a proven and effective way to accelerate your organization’s advancement. We have not seen any organizations or products that we could not improve using the principles within The Way. Don’t believe us? Put us to test. We offer full money back guarantees if we cannot help you.

We can show you how to realize principles found in The Way within your organization, business or individual brand. We can help you integrate the best practices in foundational areas that will allow your organization to thrive on many levels. Utilizing our help is how your organization can make a more positive impact sooner rather than later.

The goal of our organizational training and coaching programs are to help you solve your greatest problems, help your people, your customers, your organization and our world all become the best they can be. To do this, we focus on making your business a true success in all areas. This is because we know organizations are like an engine where all parts need to run at their best so the whole can do so also.

How We Help You: We help you by first doing an evaluation of your desires and the situation you are in. From there, we work in four 90-day cycles to implement the plans we create together. We use 90-day cycles as this is how long it takes to build a habit. Once we understand the scope of your need, we can create a timeline.

Limited Availability: Currently, all Organizational Training and Coaching programs are provided by The Founder and his support team. Because of this, we can only take on a few clients per year. Once we have trained other Coaches and Trainers, we will add more programs.

Ideal Clients:  Our ideal clients are organizations of influence. For Example: Large businesses that have a lot of workers and make products for a lot of people. It means nonprofits that affect many people's lives. A plus is having those organizations who would be willing to let us film some of the process, so we can create a video that could help others.

The reason influencers are our ideal clients is that our time is limited and by helping an influencer we can also help all their people. This is how we can more quickly help our society. We have just started this venture and would love to coach everyone one on one, but there simply is not time. Once we have trained other coaches and trainers on our methods, we will have more abilities.

Language:  At this time, services are provided in English. If translation services are needed, they need to be provided separately.

Fees:  We do not charge a set fee for service. We can take on clients for as low as $500 a month where others may be charged much more. Our goal is to work with those who can make the greatest difference and want to truly change for the positive. We can scale the fee to fit the service as needed. The important part is to get started and help as many organizations as we can become Truly Successful.

To Learn More About Our Fee Structure Click Here

Timeline: We would prefer to work with our clients for at least 1 year. The reason for this is that it takes 90 days to build a habit, and we would like at least 4 cycles to work with you on building the foundations. That being said, we will customize the program to fit the need.

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