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Fees and Payments

A Note on Fees

Why Not Free? We would love to be able to create everything and give it all away but sadly we do not have that kind of wealth. Therefore, the only way for us to create everything that is needed is to charge money for products and services and/or ask for donations and other support. Our plan is to do all these things. As we go forward, and we make enough, we can then give things away as well as lower pricing.

For Example: We must never forget $1 from a lot of people can go a very long way. As we sell more books, services and products, we can donate to libraries, prisons, schools, and organizations. The more who sign up for events, webinars, trainings means we can lower the pricing and give more away for free to those who can't afford it but really want to attend. The more we make, the more we can create and give away.

Pay What You Can Model: All prices are a minimum fee. You can pay the minimum and receive the item or service, but you can also pay more to help us. The reason for this is $1 or $5 is a lot of money to some of us whereas $10,000 or a million can seem like nothing to the very wealthy.  So, we encourage you to do what you can. You can always donate directly on our website. The more you help us, the more we can help others.

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