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Your Events: Keynotes & Presentations

Do You Need a Keynote Speaker or a Presenter for an Event?

Are you looking for a positive message to inspire your audience and bring hope?

Do you need a presentation on exactly how to do something good?

Are you looking for something you can customize?

We are here to help!

Customize Programs: We can customize our program to fit your need. We can cover the whole of The Way or focus in on sections that fit the venue. For Example: If you are a business, we can focus on the business aspects of The Way or if a child advocacy group, we can focus on key insights within the child relationship section of The Way.  The possibilities are endless, and we can help you find the right combination for your event.

Why Us? If you are looking for a positive message that can bring hope as well as practical advice that can make a difference, you have come to the right place. We all know that bringing in outside speakers and trainers is an effective way to accelerate your organization’s advancement. Utilizing our help is how your organization can make a more positive impact sooner rather than later.

Limited Availability: Currently, keynotes and presentations are given by the Founder and his support team. Because of this, we are only able to attend a limited number of events.

Ideal Clients:  Our ideal events include those that will allow us to reach the greatest number and/or the most influential people. Additionally, those who are willing to let us film the event, or at least our part of it, so that it can be used to help others are particularly needed.

The reason influential venues are our first choice is that they allow us to potentially help more people, and this helps us fulfill our mission. There is simply not enough time to do everything, and currently, this is the way to have the greatest effect. Once we have trained other speakers and presenters, we will have more ability to do more.

Language:  At this time, services are provided in English. If translation services are needed they need to be provided for separately.

Fees:  We do not charge a set fee for service. We will consider opportunities based on their ability to reach people. We will do some events for free, even pay to be included, while for others, we will request a fee. To Learn More About Our Fee Structure Click Here





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