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Read The Way? Get Your Certification

Have You Read The Way?

If Yes - Congratulations!

Now Get Your Certification!

As you know The Way is more than just a book, it contains knowledge that should be commonplace globally. Our certification program was born out of a number of our members expressing the desire for a program. The program is in development now but is shaping up to have a number of levels that are associated with colors and animals. The lower and mid-levels will focus on certifying your competency with The Way, Life Manual, and Child & Family Guide. The higher levels will focus on how well this knowledge is integrated into your life. The members who reach the highest levels will have the opportunity to become certified trainers and coaches and even work with us in an official capacity to spread the word if desired.

So if you have finished The Way, or any of our books please fill out the form below and we will email you instructions on where and how to get your certification. The process involves taking a short quiz to test your knowledge on some of the basics. Once you have passed the quiz you receive your level rating and certificate.

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