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Seeking Donations to Help Build Our Organization

Please Help Us!

The 7th Foundation is an organization and movement to create positive change. At this stage, we need as much money and support as possible. There is no end to the aid we can provide or the funding we need. The reason we are asking for donations is that we are a startup and need help. Many of the most needed programs do not make money but cost a great deal. These include things like prison reform and poverty ending programs.

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Definition: A donation can be either money or other things of value such as property, vehicles, jewelry, art, gold, etc. Donations are given without any expectation of something in return. There are no refunds. It is a gift that the receiver can do with it as they need. This form of giving causes less tax burden and obligations on the receiver. If you donate, we will keep you anonymous. If you would like to be given credit for your help please go to our Sponsorship page and learn how to support us and get credit.

PayPal: If you would like, you can donate directly through PayPal. Simply go to https://paypal.me/peaceace and type in the amount. Since its PayPal it's easy and secure. Note that PayPal does take a fee for this transaction. If you would like to donate a lot of money please contact us directly so we can make arrangements that will ensure all your money gets to us.

Zelle Quick Pay: You may also use your banks Zelle Quick Pay by sending any amount to: peaceace@7way.me   This is also very easy and secure. This method does not charge a fee so all your money donated this way will go to us.



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