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Make Money with Us

Make Money With Us

We are looking for ways we can help you make money as well as find good people to work with. Our goal is to help you make a living doing your life's passion.

Become a Trainer and/or Coach

We are currently creating certification programs. If you are interested in becoming a trainer or coach of The Way, click the link below and sign up to get notified when the program is available.

Click Here to Learn About our Certification Program

Programs Under Consideration

Outside Sales / Affiliate Marketing

You can see the offerings we have on our site. If you find a person or organization who hires us, we can pay you a commission on the business. We can provide training programs and other resources to help you in these efforts. This would be an independent contractor position where you would set your own hours and do as much or as little as you wish.

Affiliate marketing is when you earn a commission by referring customers to us. This is normally done over the web through links where you make money every time someone buys from us through our website. We are still investigating different software to track all the accounts.

If you are interested in an outside sales opportunity, please fill out this form.

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