Uniting with People and Organizations

Another important way we are working to fulfill our mission is by embracing "Our Greatest Power" as outlined within "Step 6: Unite" of The Way. Here our goal is to help and unite with people and organizations to peaceably create positive change within our world. We are seeking to do this in many ways.


Join with us so we can help you and you can help us make a positive difference in our world! Being a member means that you will receive discounts, free stuff, exclusive offers, and interesting information. You can also be invited to help make a positive difference in our world. There is no obligation and you can do as much or as little as you wish. You can cancel anytime.

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Social Media

Please Join Us on all our social media and give us a Thumbs Up or a Like, Subscribe or Follow, Comment, and please Share us with your people and encourage them to share! Please also invite us to join you so we can do the same for you.

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Make Money with Us

We are working to find ways to help you make money as well as finding good people to work within our organization.

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As we grow, we need talented people. If you would like to not only provide for you and yours but also make a real difference in the world. give us a look. Who knows, you might find what you have always been seeking.

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Groups and Organizations

We will join with good groups and work to unite all those fighting for the same causes. We will also be creating our own groups to fight for wholistic change within our society to truly find solutions for poverty since we need to include many facets of our society like legal system, education, business and more.

If You Are A Group or Organization which wants to Unite with Us

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