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Thank You Frank! You Will Be Missed!

Thank You Frank! You Will Be Missed!

Frank Shankwitz has past from our world.
He partnered to create the Make a Wish Foundation
He was such a Wonderful Man!

He helped me a lot!
He was the 1st of fame to give me time when I was starting.
He was the 1st to read The Way.
He was the 1st to endorse The Way.

God Bless You & THANK YOU FRANK!

We need more like you! Knowing people like you do exist helped me get through some very tough times. You gave me hope! You are greatly missed! While this is sad…we all pass, and thankfully, Frank lived a long life, and I believe most would agree that you lived a very meaningful life and did make a lasting positive difference in our world. He did a great job! If we could all do the same, the world would be a much better place! I and so many others are blessed and profoundly grateful for your help!

Now it's up to all of us to keep the dream alive!

Make a Wish: https://wish.org
Frank: www.Wishman1.com

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