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What You Will Learn

What Will You Learn Within The Way?

The Way answers many important questions.
Some are listed below.
There are many, many more.

1. What is your purpose?
2. What is the meaning of life?
3. Why are you here?
4. How can you be significant, influential and make a real positive difference in the world?
5. What is the difference between Success and True Success?
6. How can you become your True Self and be Truly Successful?
7. How do we end hate and bridge the divide?
8. How do we find the truth and create real understanding?
9. How do we find hope and build a future all of us can be rightly proud of?
10. How can we create a world of happiness and peace?
11. How can you become the best person you can be mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, within relationships, your family and society?
12. What is the human condition and does it affect your fate/destiny?
13. What is a belief system/moral code and how does it determine your fate/destiny?
14. What are the 10 Laws that make up a core value system that can guide you throughout life?
15. What is life and why should you care about it?
16. How do you care for life and our world?
17. How should you treat other people?
18. What does equality mean and why does it matter to you?
19. How can we unify faith in God with philosophy, the humanities, and science?
20. What are the soul, spirit, and heaven?
21. What is religion and how can they be unified?
22. If you believe in God, how are you judged and how do you get to Heaven?
23. How do you master time and make it work for you?
24. What are the keys to rituals and how can you use them to make life more enjoyable and fun?
25. What do humans value the most and how do you get it for yourself?
26. How do you create a life plan to meet your current goals and take yourself to the next level and beyond?
27. How do you create positive habits and how long does it take?
28. How do you get rid of bad habits/negative thinking and how long does that take?
29. How can you do all your life tasks and projects in the best way possible?
30. How do you care for your health so you can live a long, active, and healthy life?
31. How do you train yourself every day to be your best?
32. How do you get a restful and healing sleep throughout my life?
33. How do you fuel yourself correctly with Light, Air, Water, Food, and Information to thrive?
34. How can you become the correct weight and then maintain it without dieting?
35. How do you overcome addiction, depression and suicidal thoughts?
36. How do you put your best foot forward in the world and be a good role model? 
37. How can you be a good friend and make better friends?
38. How can you communicate so you are understood and learn?
39. How do you deal with negative and damaging relationships so you can become better and help them?
40. How do you raise positive, productive, and happy children?
41. How do you create a nurturing, healthy, and loving family?
42. How do you participate in society in a meaningful way?
43. How can you join with others in a peaceful way to force positive change?
44. What are the systems that run society and how do we make them serve us better?
45. What is power, how does it work and how can you help direct power in a positive direction?
46. What is government, how does it work and how can you help direct our government in a positive direction?
47. What is wealth, how does it work and how can you help direct wealth in a positive direction in our society?
48. How do you care for your money/wealth so you can have security throughout my life?
49. How do you keep what is already good yet make what is not better?
50. How do you start and what do you do next to become your best right now?  

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