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What is The Way & How to Use It

Why Was The Way Written?

Welcome and peace. Thank you for reading. The Way is not about me. It was written because I discovered something truly important that could really help you and our world.

I discovered The Way on April 3, 2015, while sorting the beginning and the ending of “The Book” I have been working on for over 30 years covering how to be our best physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, in relationships, as a family, and in society. Within “The Book” and its “4 Pillars” of “Self,” “Society,” “Universe,” and “God,” I found my notes referring the “Keys” to “True Success.”

When I collected them all and put the “7 Keys” together in the right order, it was like a secret code got unlocked, and I discovered The Way. After this discovery, I wrote for three days straight without much sleep or doing anything else. I then worked over the next five years to finish the book at the exclusion of most other things. The Way is the book I wish I found at the start of my quest. It is a positive message that can help a lot of people, and possibly change everything.

Since this discovery, I have been compelled to get this message out in as many ways as possible. The ultimate goal of The Way, The 7th Foundation, The Movement, and everything else that will follow, is to be a catalyst that spurs meaningful positive change within people's lives and our society to create a world of lasting peace and happiness that everyone can enjoy.

Know that this was not the work of one person, a few, or even a team. The Way is the collective work of humanity and took thousands of years to create. The solution, I have named The Way, was only made possible because I was able to join the knowledge and wisdom from our most celebrated minds throughout the ages. To be clear, this is not about me; it’s about the message.

What is The Way?

Basically, the main questions and problems of life, as well as their answers and solutions, have been placed into one book that is divided into three volumes: The Way, the Life Manual and the Child & Family Guide.

The Way covers the main philosophy and all "7 Steps" on how to Live a Meaningful Life & Make a Real Difference in the World.

The Life Manual shows us how to master the "The Foundations of Life" and is designed to work with "Step 5" of The Way, yet can be used anytime by jumping to the section of interest.

The Child & Family Guide shows us how to create a nurturing and loving family and how to raise positive, productive, and happy children. This guide can be used anytime by jumping to the section of interest, yet it will become of even greater value after an understanding of The Way and Life Manual have been gained.

How Do You Use The Way?

The Way can be used as a transformative guide to improve your life and as a life reference where you can find information to help you manage a specific issue you are dealing with.

Transformative Guide: All three volumes of The Way are designed to change you in positive ways through merely understanding the message. Here you simply read or listen to the books and then follow the instructions going as far as you desire at the speed of your choosing.

Life Reference: The Way, Life Manual, and Child & Family Guide are designed as a quick reference book that you can use anytime. Within these books, you find the details and lists that you will need at different times of life. In this way, once you understand the 7 Steps and the layout of the manual and guide, you can jump to crucial sections when you and yours are in need.

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