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Crowdfunding Campaigns

Our Goal is to work with you to create exactly what is needed. One of the best ways to do this is through crowdfunding. With our campaigns, you will not only be able to fund the projects but also help in their creation. This way we create only what everyone really wants.

We do not have a crowd funding campaign running right now.

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    Daily Way App

    This will allow you to create your Daily Way and use it on any device. The Daily Way will integrate into other calendar programs as well. The goal of the app is not only helping us follow Our Way but to also make it fun!  See The Way "Step 5" for more.

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    The Great List of Virtues

    The reason the App is needed is that the idea of "positive", "good", "better", etc. within a human life is expressed by Virtues.

    Virtues: A Virtue is a trait or quality that humanity has deemed positive, good or admirable, and even at times, morally good and righteous. While there may be “top virtues” like being positive, good, hopeful, resilient, persevering, rational, etc., we do not rank or order them. This is because it takes many virtues to cover all the aspects of our life. They are more like flowers where many can be equality beautiful and important. They are peers where none are better than others and all are equal.

    Some Key Virtues : These include being positive, happy, hopeful, optimistic, peaceful, good, free, grateful, humble, reasonable, rational, resilient, persevering, independent, curious, flexible, intelligent, wise, knowledgeable, honorable, creative, open-minded, polite, respectful, considerate, helpful, kind, caring, empathetic, sympathetic, a great listener & communicator, a healthy skeptic seeking to understand before being understood, successful, disciplined, determined, dedicated, confident, enthusiastic, motivated, faithful, courageous,

    The App: The goal of this app and online resource is to create a complete list of all virtues, their definitions, and their opposites. This will help us understand all of which we as humanity see as positive. It’s through understanding that we then work to integrate them all within our life. We can even go as far as to include our failings and which virtues help us overcome them. For Example: We can include gluttony as a failing with self-control and temperance as the virtues that overcome it.

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    NOTE: You can Always DONATE and/or SPONSOR US to get these projects done too.

    The Great Food List – Coming Soon!

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