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  Below are the public shows 26-50 Andrew Calderella has appeared.

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Show Title: The Way: 7 Revolutionary Steps to Living a Meaningful Life & Making a Real Difference in the World

Hosted by: James (JC) Cooley

A fast paced radio show that starts off with some fun with James talking about Andrews Star Trek background. As the show moves on we learn more The Way, The One Tribe, The One Movement, and The One Party and how they are the solutions to the worlds greatest problems.

49. Chatting with Betsy 2nd Appearance

Show Title: Healing Your Life From The Inside

Hosted by: Betsy Wurzel 

48. Where did you see God?

Show Title: To Be Released

Hosted by: Paul Granger

Paul explores Andrews connection with God. There was a problem with this recording. We will post Andrews side of the conversation as Paul's was not posted.

47. Pen Podcast

Show Title: To Be Released

Hosted by: Matt Harms

To Be Released. In this show Matt explores the writing of The Way and Andrews life.

46. Living The Dream

Show Title: The Way, 7 Revolutionary Steps to Living a Meaningful Life & Making a Real Difference in the World with Andrew Calderella

Hosted by: Timothy Douglas

A wonderful show exploring The One Tribe, The One Movement, and The One Party and how 1 Billion People can peacefully make the needed changes in the world, relatively quickly and easily.





Short Clips from Show

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Clip 2
Clip 3

43. Onward!

Show Title: Discovering Your True Self

Hosted by: Emily Harman

This show starts with a little clip of Emily asking Andrew - What is The Way? - and then you hear Andrew beginning to answer. After that, the show goes deep into the solutions we all seek. A wonderful show presented by a wonderful host.






42. Christian Business Owners on Fire - Part 2

Show Title: Discovering The Way

Hosted by: Christina Weber

This is Andrew's second appearance on Christian Business Owners on Fire. In this episode Christina explores more of the principles within The Way and how they can apply to our spiritual lives.

Main Site:



41. Quantum Nurse

Show Title: The Way to True Success

Hosted by: Grace Asagra

This show is Andrew's second appearance on Quantum Nurse. This time it's just Grace and Andrew. Within this episode, Grace explores Andrew's life, motivations, and solutions that can help all of us. Another great show not to be missed!




40. Your Backup Plan

Show Title: What Is Love Andrew? Show Me The Way!

Hosted by: Tina Olexa

On this show Tina and Andrew discuss what love really means and how The Way can help us all become our best. This is a great episode for anyone who wants to change the world!




38. Christian Biz Owners On Fire | Appearance 1

Hosted by Christina Weber

On this show Christina and Andrew explore Andrews life and how the principles within The Way can aid a business to become something much more. This is the first of two shows that were recorded. Be sure to catch both episodes! .




37. Richer Soul

Hosted by Rocky Lalvani

On this show Rocky explores Andrews Life and lessons he learned. They talk about The Way and many of the principles that are found within including The True Goal Of Life and More. A great show not to be missed.






35. Resilient Life Hacks
Overcoming Bullying and Handling Conflict
with Andrew Calderella

Hosted by Elizabeth Meyers

On this show Elizabeth and Andrew go deep discussions about life, how to overcome bullying as well as The Way. This was a great show!







34. Memories of Us

Hosted by Tony Lynch

On this show Tony and Andrew go deep into how to overcome the trails and tragedies of life. This is a deep show exploring many aspects of God and what it is to be human. This was a great 2 hour show not to be missed!




33. Chat And Spin Radio

Hosted by Ian Johnson

This was a live 5 minute slot on Chat & Spin Radio. Sadly no recording was made but the feedback was great! Funny how not having a recording seems so strange in this age.

31. Credibility Nation

Hosted by Mitchell Levy


Mitchell came up with an interesting way to explain Andrews talent in helping people in all aspects of their life. His CPOP - Customer Point of Pain is a short way to get at the root of the solution. Take a listen...what do you think about Mitchells approach to Andrews solution?


30. SB PACE: Podcast

Show Title: Adaptability and Resiliency with Andrew Calderella

Hosts: Julie and Corey

29. Thought Partner Group

 Hosted by Kent Gustavson

On the Show:

  • What is the true goal of life? 5:38
  • The importance of integrating virtue into your life. 7:42
  • Seven steps to becoming the best person you can be. 9:02
  • The challenges Andrew faced during his childhood. 10:10
  • His mother helped him get through the academic struggles and bullying he faced in elementary school. 13:09
  • Creating a holistic program by putting the small pieces and the big pieces together. 14:52
  • When we unite, we have the most power. 16:43
  • Focusing our money on fixing problems like water pollution and inequality. 22:49



All Locations:

27. Chatting with Betsy | Appearance 1

 Hosted by Betsy Wurzel

On this show the host explores more about Andrew's life and then get into talking about why we are here, the rules of life and more.




26. The Speaking Podcast

Hosted by Roy Coughlan

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