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Within The Way, there are a number of Key Resources mentioned that you can download.  We have provided PDFs, Images and editable documents that you can customize.

Below you will find.

  • The Daily Way: Outlined in Step 5 of The Way, The Daily Way is a customizable template that helps you stay on track and perfect your day. (Apps and other docs in development)
  • Habit Building Sheets: Outlined in Step 5 of The Way, the Habit Building Focus Sheet is a template you customize to help you master new habits.
  • Meditation Mental Focus Sheets are part of Step 5 and the Life Manual and mental training.
  • Communication Quick Reference Guide: Communication is covered within Chapter 10 of The Way. This is a mini-guide you can use as a reference and during live conversations.
  • Mini Workout Sheets: Small example workouts you can do anytime. Customize the workouts to fit your life.
  • Yoga Cards: Links to where you can get Yoga Cards for free. This allows you to build your own custom workouts easily. Workouts are covered within The Way: Life Manual: Our Practice.
  • Fuel Consumption Guide: A short version of what is included within the Life Manual Food section for quick reference. (In Development)
  • Recipes: As outlined within the Life Manual - Here are the recipes for the basics. (In Development)
  • Safety & Emergency Pack Guide: Covers the different packs you need and what should be in them as well as safety basics. (In Development)
  • Virtue Glossary, Lists, Charts & Other Resources: we are developing a master virtue/failing list as well as other charts and resources. Stay tuned!

Daily Way Examples & Templates

The Daily Way as outlined within Step 5 of The Way, is a customizable template that helps you stay on track and perfect your day. The Daily Way template below can be downloaded and edited to fit your life (Note When downloading we suggest saving 2 copies. 1 as the template and the 2nd you rename and customize. That way you can always reference the original as you go forward. Note when in a cell, hold the ALT key down and Hit Return to add a new line in that same cell.) We are working on other types and apps.

Click On The Button Below to Download The Spread Sheet

Habit Building Focus Sheet

Use the Habit Building Focus List to remind yourself of key best practices you are working to build into your life. This sheet can be placed within calendars and other apps. It is designed to also be printed and placed on a clipboard.

Communication Quick Reference Guide

This quick reference guide is related to the Communication section within Step 6 of The Way. Once you understand the background found within Step 6, this reference sheet can be studied to help ingrain these ways of communication. We can also use it actively within conversations as a guide.

Meditation Mental Focus Sheets

The Meditation Mental Focus Sheets work with the Information found within The Way and the Life Manual: Foundation 5 Our Practice: Mental Practice.  The document has 2 parts. The last page contains different types of meditation exercises you can perform that are fully explained within the manual. The first page on the legal (first 2 in the standard) are used with the 4th mediation method "Focus." We also use the list of virtues and positive affirmations throughout the day to help focus and center.

  • They come in Standard Size 8.5 x 11 and Legal Size 8.5 x 14.
  • This sheet is designed to be printed and placed on a clipboard, so you can use it within your life. (Large top margin so nothing is covered)
  • If you would like to change the Power Word or other elements simply download the Document, then Edit and Print/Paste as needed.
  • You can also copy it into other media like your phone or tablet for easy viewing anytime.

Click the Button Below to Download The PDF or Editable Document

 Mini Workout Sheets

The Mini Workout Sheets are designed to give you an idea of how you can construct mini workouts that you can do in a few seconds to a couple of minutes throughout the day.  Customize your own. Please share them with us, and we will post the best here.  The goal is to create a lot of fun fast workouts we can do just about anywhere.

Yoga Cards

You will find cards you can use to create your own workouts as well as workouts we and others have created. You can print each one out and glue them onto playing cards to give them weight. Once you have a workout laid out, you can copy the cards onto a sheet of paper using a copy machine. This way, you can have several different workouts at hand.

Click the Button to Download

Fuel Consumption Guide

This "Food Consumption Guide" covers what and when to consume the fuels (Light, Air, Water, Food, and Information) as outline within "Step 5" of The Way.


Note this section is In Final Edit and will be posted soon. 


The recipes listed here are ways to cover the basics as outlined within "Step 5" of The Way under the "Foundation of Fuels".

Note this section is In Final Edit and will be posted soon. 

Safety & Emergency Pack Guide

This Safety & Emergency Pack Guide outlines keys to safety as well what your emergency packs need to contain. This information will help you stay safe and help you get through a disaster.

Note this section is In Final Edit and will be posted soon. 

Virtue Glossary, Lists, Charts & Other Resources

We are working to develop other key resources. Our "Virtue Glossary" will list all the virtues, their definitions as well as how to integrate them into your life. We are working on food charts that will help us create healthier meals as well as a sustainable world. Our goal is to provide you with as much information as resources as you need. So please let us know what you would like.


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