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We Need Your Help!

The 7th Foundation is a Startup and needs all the advice, help and funding we can get. 

You can help us in many ways.

Buy & Give Books

Buy multiple books and give them away. The Way makes a great gift!

You can also give them to libraries, prisons, and other organizations who have need.

If you are in any organization whose members would benefit from this book, ask your leadership to buy books for everyone and hire us to speak.

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Share Your Endorsements & Testimonials

We need your help to help others. People would like to know about your positive experience. Please give us an Endorsement or Testimonial if you appreciate our work or have had a positive experience. Please write or record something and post it online.

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Donate & Fund Us

A donation can be either money or other things of value (property, jewelry, etc.) that is given without any expectation of something in return. It is a gift that the receiver can do with it as they need. This form of giving causes less tax burden and obligations on the receiver. We are seeking donations to help us build our organization as well as give books away to libraries, prisons, and other aid groups. Please help us!

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Support Our Crowdfunding Projects

We will be launching crowdfunding campaigns, so you can invest and receive some special gifts for doing so. The campaigns will cover many topics from the creation of Apps to funding events and other large good projects.  Crowdfunding is a great way a lot of us can do a little yet make a big difference. Learn about our campaigns and sign up to be notified.

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Join Us on Social Media & Help Spread the Word

We have established social media accounts on the major networks. We are working to build these communities and provide you with the content you must desire. Please help by joining us and spreading the word about The Way, 7Way.Me and the projects we have going.

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Become a Sponsor - Help us Help our World!

If you like what we are doing and could benefit our members, you may qualify to sponsor us in many ways. As wealth Strategic Alliances we are interested in helping other good organizations gain exposure as they help us to survive and grow.

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Shop at Amazon (& Other Stores) Using Our Links

We have joined with Amazon and with other stores online. You can shop at these stores and help us. Simply click on the link before you shop. Clicking the link will take you to the store notifying them that we sent you. Buying products this way means you will pay the same price yet Amazon and other stores will pay us a small finder's fee. These finders fees add up, and since it does NOT cost you any more money, it's a great way to help our cause as you go about your normal life.

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You can always go directly to Amazon using this link:  7Way.Me/Amazon

Support Some Great Charities

Take a look at some of the great charities we recommend and support.
You can make a real difference by helping these organizations.


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