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Talk Show Host Promotion & Marketing Tips

Talk Show Host Promotion & Marketing Tips

For some, marketing, publicity, and promotion are not easy. So for those who might benefit, we put together this section as it can help you and your guests. First, it’s key to realize that some of your show’s greatest promoters and fans are your guests, for they will promote and talk up your show to all of their fans for free. This strategy can bring in many new fans and increase your rankings because of all the good incoming links placed around the internet. All of this will make your show more popular, which helps you and your guests – a true win-win!

Like you, your guests are busy, and they often won’t have time to find everything you would like them to use. You can help all your mini-promoters by giving them everything they need. You do this because if everything is there and easy to cut and paste, they will use more of it more frequently on all their social media/websites. First, the way to do this is to create and send a standard media kit that contains everything they need for your show. This can also be made into a webpage and shared. Next, you create guest templates that are then filled out and sent to each guest. These contain guest-specific appearance information. If needed, create a Preshow template for live events (if applicable) — a Postshow template to promote recordings.

Here are some ideas of what to include.

  • Names: Your Show Name, Host Names, and others on the show with pronunciation ques if needed.
  • Show: Links to ALL the locations of your show around the web. Don’t just give one link to a page that has all the links to show location. Include that page and include a link to each location, as in if you are on YouTube, Vimeo, Apple, Google, heart radio, etc. Include a link to each site.
  • Social Media: Links & Handles to ALL the HOST(s) & the SHOW’s social media profiles. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, & Others
  • Groups: Links to Groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and others that the guest can join, if any.
  • Websites: Links to the main website(s) and links to key locations you want to highlight, if any.
  • Email Address: Give them your best email address(s), so they can update and contact you directly.
  • Images/Vids: Show logos, preshow flyer to advertise live show with guest, after-show images with guest and your show logo, etc. If you have promo vids, give links to them here.
  • Text Blurbs: Include your show description, mini-bios of hosts, show tag lines, or any other text promotion materials as these materials will be used in their postings about you and the show.
  • Hashtags: Include all the hashtags you would like them to use in their promotion.
  • Newsletter & Other: Include a link to sign up for your newsletter or other promotions, courses, etc.

Guest Episode Template: Like the bullet above, “Show,” where you include links to all show locations, instead here, you have links to Their Episode. If a live show and simulcasting include links to all sites.

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Helpful Show Hardware Tip: As you may have noticed, some shows or meetings break up, stutter, and freeze. Often this is caused by Wireless Bandwidth Limitations on laptops and other devices with no wired ethernet port. You can usually fix this by using a USB to Ethernet Adaptor and a high-speed cord that connects directly to your router. You can share this with your guest before the show to help them avoid these issues.

Note that these are affiliate links. Affiliate links means you pay the same price but Amazon will pay out a small amount for the referral to us.

Adaptors look like this:



You can get the Adaptor on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3sgz1DA

Note that there are some that also include more USB ports too, which can be handy. https://amzn.to/3rqUZEw

Also here are some next-gen cables:

Cat 6  up to 1 Gigabit:  https://amzn.to/3uxDch6  100Ft: https://amzn.to/3LgACC0 50Ft: https://amzn.to/3sijNhk

Cat 7 up to 10 Gigabit: https://amzn.to/3grP7oi  100Ft: https://amzn.to/3rXnHtN  50Ft: https://amzn.to/2OsKFLA

The cables go even higher if you need even more bandwidth, so be sure to match your speed to the right cables.

More Helpful Links

Below are some websites and other information that can help you with your show. I included this as many find it helpful. If you know of any good resources that I am missing, please share so I can include them in the future.

Find a Sponsor: https://podcorn.com/


Have Podcast - Find Guests for Shows  & If You are a Guest, You can Find Shows.







https://www.helpareporter.com/ - this is for people looking to be featured in relevant stories reporters are posting.

https://lama-app.com/ -  Get Interviewed anytime.


Facebook Groups - be sure to read the rules for each group!









https://www.facebook.com/groups/ChristianPodcastGuest/  - if Christian


LinkedIn Group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/123405/


More good stuff if you have a show that might be of interest:




https://repurpose.io/ - post everywhere

https://streamyard.com  - live cast on multiple platforms same time

https://riverside.fm/  - seems a good platform - Records on each computer then merges at the end.

https://squadcast.fm/ is another good recording platform for merging.

https://obsproject.com/ - OBS software runs on your computer and allows the use of a green screen on almost any platform. You can create complete shows with all kinds of different scenes and setups using all types of content.

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