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A Little More About The Author & Founder

The story below covers a little about him, his life and how he found The Way, and what True Success really means.

 “The true nature of anything is the highest it can become.” — Aristotle

Who do you want to be? What do you want out of life?

For most of humanity, the answer is simply to be Successful.

However, what does "Success" truly mean and how do you get there from where you are right now, exactly?

What is True Success?

The truth is you are a special, unique and precious individual with amazing positive gifts to offer. With the right nurturing and conducive environment, you can become this greater, truly successful person or “True Self”.

Being human means that we are all different yet similar. At our core, we, the human race, are seekers of truth. We innately want what is good and positive for ourselves, our loved ones, and our world.  Being human also means we have been on a mission since our birth.

The instinctual mission is to find a way to not just survive but to thrive and be happy. My mission has led me to never stop asking "why" and "how" as the answers given to the most important questions of life did not seem complete or correct.

This incompleteness left me very unsatisfied and I could not just let it go. My quest led me through a lot of trials and into deep research, reading and listening to hundreds of books and other media, studying all our religions, spiritual paths, philosophies, and the most spiritually enlightened, resourceful, successful and wisest among us. A few years ago, within these 4 Pillars of Self, Society, Universe and God, I found references to these keys to True Success, and when I put the 7 keys together in the right order, it was like a secret code got unlocked and I discovered The Way.

First, I want to say that this is not about me. Some of my editors said I should explain what True Success means by using my life for context and a storyline because that is what readers want. The truths, keys, and secrets discovered during this journey are what's important. I truly wish everything were perfect and you could experience this solution in the way that is best for you. However, I had to start somewhere. So please forgive me and please focus on the message.

In this great game of life, you are only competing with yourself, and comparisons with other lives are meaningless for your journey is TRULY unique and incomparable. The truth is that your life, like everyone’s, is at times traumatic and dramatic as it's a human perspective that we all share after all.

One of the greatest gifts we were given as a species is that we can learn from others, build on their work and go further in life. Because of this fact, the first key to being truly successful is that you must seek to learn from the right people because this best practice can save you from making mistakes, time and help you go further, faster and with less effort.

A Journey into Power, Wealth, Fame, Etc.

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.” - Abraham Lincoln

Throughout all of human history and into this current age, we as a society see "Success" generally tied to a position of Power, Fame and/or having a lot of Wealth. With the most "successful" of us having the most power, fame, and/or wealth.

Our societies focus in these areas guided me to study the lives of the most "successful" people throughout all human history, i.e. our greatest leaders/rulers, most wealthy, and most famous and powerful. Also, through my work and travels, I made friends, met and worked with a lot of very "successful" people. What I found shocked me because there was a recurring problem that showed up in many if not most of these “successful” people’s lives.

Over and over throughout our long history, we find that those of us at the highest levels of "success" (power, wealth, fame, beauty, intelligence, etc.), are often the most lost, depressed, corrupt, unhappy, unhealthy, destructive, mean, imposing, self-righteous and arrogant. These "successful" people most often do not treat everyone as equals nor do they treat others as they would want to be treated. We need only turn to the media in our current age to see the tragedies of these lives spread out before us with all the bad relationships, divorces, acts of abuse, lack of self-control and direction, waste of money and time and all the rest of the needless trauma/drama.

Even the funniest, wealthiest people in the world, like Robin Williams, kill themselves because they are so depressed. So many of us who are "successful" lack a positive direction, self-control, the common courtesies and manners that help make society run smoothly. With the most successful among us often ending up in turmoil, stunted, and/or with underdeveloped lives. Here we find “successful” people who feel that it’s their right to destroy our world if they want or use the most precious hours of people’s lives working for them while grinding every last cent from them. We can clearly see the most "successful" rulers and leaders throughout all human history most often treat us, “the masses," and our precious world as their personal disposable resource, game or toy. Where we “the masses” are most often thought of as numbers in a calculation than as people.

We, as a society, let the "successful" get away with these negative ways of being and never or rarely push them to do better or call them out. We have let children and even the insane rule over us just because they were of a certain bloodline. When we do take action to push the “successful” in the right direction, it most often requires some kind of popular uprising, movement or even a revolution. This underdevelopment and stunting of “successful” people happens because those of us in these positions are often not raised correctly, get corrupted, and are often surrounded by sycophants, yes men, and toadies who let us do and say anything and treat it as the most wonderful and correct behavior no matter how negative or wrong.

The way to True Success is clearly not found using wealth as a gauge for True Success. This is because wealth is not a human characteristic, it’s a tool. We can clearly see that great wealth has been most often taken by, given to or possessed by those who have not earned it fairly, through true merit nor do they often deserve as much as they take. Throughout all our human history, less than 1% of us have held most of the wealth of the world and determine the fate of the rest of us.

While those of us who are “successful” often use wealth incorrectly, there are those who are exceptions and exceptional, giving their time, wealth, power, and influence to help others and our world and should be commended. The way to our TrueSociety is for these types of activities to be normal and routine. However. we all can plainly see the hoarding and waste throughout history. For Example: Many of us who are “successful” buy/build huge houses/palaces/castles/yachts/etc. that are rarely used, or if used, only a small part is lived in. They stuff these places with endless valuable things, most of which is also never used. The majority of the rest of their wealth is hoarded and only begrudgingly spent on anything that is needed in society. We can clearly see that most rulers throughout all of our history tend to behave this way more often than not, even when their people are in great need. Insights from master engineers, mechanics, and construction workers, show us that using critical tools correctly is key to achieving True Success. Using them incorrectly leads to disaster. Wealth is one of our greatest tools, and using it correctly makes a big difference in our ability to achieve our ultimate objective individually and as a society.

Sure, there are exceptions to this general rule of corruption but throughout all our history, we see that few “successful” use this idle/excess wealth for something truly good. For Example: Few pay everyone who works for them in every job enough to live a wonderful life. Few do things like helping to fix something broken in the society like building/improving a school or helping a family get back on its feet after losing everything in a disaster or funding a new business who has a solution to fix a real problem or sending kids to college or trade school who can't afford it or planting a forest or funding a park or cleanup project to improve our environment or improving an orphanage or adopting a child or sending city kids to summer camp in the country, etc. Too often charity events the “successful” attend are more about showing off to appear to be doing good by making a token jester rather than making any real meaningful difference as could be achieved.

Clearly, the many good deeds that are desperately needed are not done on a large scale by "successful" people/businesses/organizations who have the resources or else our world would not be as it is. This does not mean we don’t need or that it’s wrong to be wealthy, famous or powerful. These are key parts of our society. We just need to manage them correctly. The solution is found within context and merit as well as how and when it is used. Things have been wrong for a very long time. To fix these issues, we need to join, not divide ourselves and point fingers.

Success Found: Obviously, what society calls "successful" as measured by power, wealth, fame, beauty, intelligence, etc. is not True Success or else these circumstances would naturally create better and better people and our world and society would be so much healthier than it is now.

It seems that what we generally call “success” is really a human challenge/test filled with temptations that if not overcome will corrupt us. As they say “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

This is a key point, for often knowing what is not true, helps us find what is. Our collective focus on this false ideal of “success” has hurt the human race as this becomes an emotional topic that makes and breaks lives and relationships. Finding our flaws allows us to fix them.

The truth is that all of us, even those we currently call “successful” feel the same emptiness, this need to find the answers and make some sense of everything. We all look for a way to live so we can thrive and not be corrupted. We are all seeking our special people, our tribe, so we are not alone and can fill this void within us, be at peace and live a meaningful, hopeful happy life.

A Trip into Tragedy and Hardship

“There are uses to adversity, and they don't reveal themselves until tested…the difficulty can tap unexpected strengths.” Sonia Sotomayor

So, if just having power, wealth, fame, beauty, etc. is not True Success, what is? “They” say the most profound answers to life are found within the hardships and heartache of life. I am not sure who “they” are but “they” are correct, as far as I am concerned, as I found some of the most important answers to this question here.

For me, these hard lessons started when I was young as I wore a patch over one eye for many years to help correct a lazy eye, have learning disabilities, like dyslexia and was bullied. While these were certainly challenges, they were a “gift” in a way. They taught me many things like to persevere, be empathetic, and so much more that led me to create The Way. Here I learned that sometimes “bad” things can become “good” things.

Many other pieces to what True Success means were shown to me by all the parents and child patients in those hospitals and testing centers I visited because of my issues or because of my sister’s. It was during one of those difficult hospital trips, when I and my sister were very young, that I had a very important conversation with a little dying girl. This was in a hospital section just for kids, and she was here with my sister and other children who were very ill, dying or working hard to recover from great trauma. My sister had just had another operation to save her life and was here recovering. This little girl was maybe 6 to 8 years old and at one point as we were talking about many things, we started talking about how difficult this all was for her.

It was during this part of the conversation that I was given the greatest key to True Success even if I did not know it at the time. She said that what was really important above all else was love and how without it nothing else mattered. I did not truly understand what she meant and told her so as I thought of a lot of things that mattered and started to list stuff. She then pointed around at all the horrible machines, the ugliness, lack of any nature, and the tubes in her and her lack of freedom.

I thought of my sister in that same place with the doctors cutting her and all the tubes in her and how she was in so much pain. I thought about what it would be like if I were completely blind or really hurt or sick. Then she said with a little tear running down her cheek and crack in her voice, "without my parents and others here…loving me…I would be lost and would not want to live…but it's ok….because I have them…and they love me…so I can still be happy sometimes…I have hope I might get better….and be free…" I think this moment broke something deep inside me as I saw her, the other children, and my sister all in this same place of horror but love making it ok somehow. It was clear how my mom’s love for her children gave her the strength to go that extra mile and far beyond for my brother, sister and me, and how that made all the difference in the world to us.

As with many of these moments of moving conversations with random people throughout my life, this moment would not be forgotten. This was one of those moments in life that change who we are on a deep level. The hardest part was knowing I was helpless, and as we said goodbye and I turned away to leave her in that horrible place, I knew I would never see her again but I also felt I would never forget her. I think a part of me never really left the hospital room with my new little dying friend. I always hoped she made it out and was free to play in the sun with her friends again.

This journey into the hardships of life also meant having to heal my body and mind many times after getting hurt. Along with all the broken bones, cuts, and other traumas many of us go through, some very serious things began to happen to me when young. For Example: I was attacked by large dogs and packs of dogs, starting when I was about 4, all of which could have resulted in my death. One of these attacks left me with almost losing my leg due to an infection from a bite.

Starting when I was a teen, I was hit four times by cars, once while legally using a crosswalk riding my bike, twice while legally stopped at red lights in a car. One of these accidents left me unable to walk or stand normally for many years. These and the other physical traumas taught me many truths about how to care for and heal our bodies and minds naturally, about our society and much of what truly matters.

Since I was a target of bullies, there were situations when I had confrontations and fights with other boys, men and gangs. Because of this and when I was young, my father started training me on how to defend and protect myself. As I grew and the size difference was not so great between the bullies and myself, I was able to stand up for myself and for others at critical moments.

A couple of key confrontations that were of great value include one time when working security at a club during college, I broke up a knife fight to save the life of a stranger who had been stabbed in the chest. Another great lesson was learned while a teen, and I confronted another teen boy about his sexual assault of my girlfriend at a party when I was not there. After talking to him and listening to him lie, rationalize and justify himself, trying to make his actions seem like nothing, I called him on his dishonor and a fight broke out. The fight lasted less than 10 seconds and ended with me unintentionally almost killing him. He did wake up after being in a coma for many days and was left with a concussion, a shattered jaw, and other injuries.

All these confrontations taught me lessons in so many areas like self-control, communication, how truly winning any confrontation means never having to fight, body chemical triggers and breaking points, how to protect myself and others and so much more. The lessons learned from these incidents were very profound and too numerous to list in this section, but they are included within The Way. One key is to know that fights we see on TV and movies are not real and our bodies are fragile no matter how strong we may seem.

So many other keys to life were found in other close calls and traumatic events of life. The loss of dear friends and loved ones due to horrible vehicle accidents and disease; being cheated, lied to, manipulated, overcoming an addiction to chewing tobacco I formed while in high school playing sports;  overcoming depression and suicidal thoughts; watching my sister endure so many painful operations with such strength; almost losing my brother who was hit by a car and seeing him fight back so fast; watching my father work so hard for us and dying of cancer with such grace; caring for my mother who has health issues yet is also a never-ending source of positive faith and strength all have helped me learn how to deal with shortcomings and tragedies.

In the end, there are great truths found within the hardships of life as they clarify very quickly what is truly important and what is needed to survive and thrive. They also help clarify the wrongness within our society. This is key as we must first know what is important as well as what is wrong if we are to fix it.

The Path of Hard Work

If you want to achieve some really big and interesting goals, you have to learn to fall in love with hard work.” - Steve Pavlina

“They” also say that real answers to life can be found in hard work. For me, hard work started when I was young as my lazy eye and “learning disabilities” required a lot more work to just stay up with others in the school. While it was not easy for me to do normal school work, I also was given some gifts such as being very creative, being able to solve some puzzle types easily, and seeing things in ways most others could not. I also had a lot of energy, was very physical and was able to focus on tasks for a long time, sometimes to the point of it being a problem. So, because of these life circumstances working hard was programmed into me from childhood.

As I grew, I liked to work hard. I felt good finishing a difficult job and doing well, even if no one ever saw or knew. Being very physical and energetic meant that along with with my educational studying, I also worked hard in martial arts, yoga, meditation, and did sports in school like track, cross country, basketball, and crew. I learned much from my hard-working father who was a master salesman and businessman and from my mother who worked hard on all our lives, our home, and who made time to fight for civil rights and become a leader of the community.  Because of this I sometimes sought out difficult projects and always seemed to be focused on solving problems. Some have called me a natural salesman as I started my own little business in elementary school selling collectibles. It got so popular, the principal called my parents to shut it down as I was taking so many children’s lunch money that their parents were complaining.

I just liked to work and started when I was a kid doing odd jobs for money or trade. At various times I was a paper boy, a security guard, a lifeguard, a gas station attendant, a construction worker, a salesman, a recruiter, a model/actor, a stock boy, a repair/handy man, a food server, a cook, a teleprompter operator, a trainer, a public speaker, a business partner, and the CEO of my own corporation since 1999 and now starting this venture.

Because of my “learning disabilities” and being unable to see well when I was young, I was considered slow by many. However, I was able to find ways to compensate and catch up, doing very well in high school, going on to college and attaining degrees in Religious Studies, Eastern Philosophy, Speech and Communications. I also always sought knowledge that was not covered in school and researched and learned from masters in many subjects that interested me.

The path of hard work does yield great insights and answers. This combination of hard work, both mental and physical, helped reinforce the fact that a balance of body, mind, emotion, and spirit is key to being truly successful for you are only as strong as your weakest link. For Example: if you neglect your body, it will break down and you will spend time fixing it instead of living. In the end, if any of these 4 areas of life (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) are not up to a certain level of fitness, it will have a negative effect on ALL the other aspects of life, and if one part is too far out of balance it can become one’s sole focus.

We can see all of life as a great project, so there are a lot of very important keys on how to approach any task that will help you do everything better and more efficiently. It’s these best ways of doing things that allows us as the human race to accomplish just about anything individually and as a society. These keys I have woven into The Way can’t be underestimated as they are what make us, the human race, much greater than the sum of our parts and make everything possible.


To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” - Danny Kaye

“They” also say we can find answers simply through living and interacting with people. For me, these life travels started when I was born in Detroit Michigan and lived there for about 7 years, moved to Ohio for a short time, and then I spent my tween and teen years in southern California. As a child, I also traveled visiting relatives and going on family vacations. These formative experiences sparked an interest in seeing new places and experiencing new things. This interest had a profound effect on my whole life. So, throughout my life I have also traveled to many places and other worlds by reading/listening to hundreds of non-fiction, fiction, science fiction and fantasy books. I went away to northern California for college. Then after graduating, I got a job and lived in Japan and Australia for a number of years, then I moved back to Los Angeles, California to help my family when my father suffered from cancer. When I lived in these other countries, I also traveled to many more.

When traveling in this world, I like to do three things. First, I like to explore the most interesting cultural experiences like museums, local history, art, etc. Second, I seek out the most beautiful wild place like the most beautiful forest, lake, beach, mountain etc. Often these would lead to adventures like climbing a mountain like Mount Fuji in Japan at night to see the sunrise from the top or trekking deep into the tropical forest to swim in a mountain pool under a waterfall like in Indonesia.

Third, I would search out the most spiritual places I could find, like monasteries, temples, churches, mosques and other holy places. These spiritual centers were important to me as I have known God since I was a child, have had many moving spiritual experiences throughout my life and worked hard to understand my calling. At these locations, I sought out the people who were members, lived and/or worked there. These included people from all faiths like Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Taoists, and many others. Some of these people helped me find keys to True Success as it meant going deep into the metaphysical, mystical, and even the esoteric world within these faiths.

These travels, my conversations with people, and my studies helped me understand our world’s faiths, religions, and spiritual paths. This fuller understanding allowed me to find more pieces to the puzzle. The conversations with these holy people were some of the most enlightening but sometimes the most disturbing as often these “holy” people, like the very “successful” were also the most self-righteous, arrogant, troubled, corrupt, depressed, unhealthy, close-minded, confused and lost. Some of these holy people confessed sins that they personally committed as well as corruptions that were systemic within their organizations.

At such a young age, this shook my faith in our human ability to create anything holy without it also being corrupt. It also become apparent that often these “holy” men and woman at the panicle of their faith live lives that are so far removed from what we “normal” everyday people live that it has made many of them afraid of the real world, without the ability to live in it or knowledge of how to fix it, or truly help us.

Traveling this world allows us to participate and share in many wonders and tragedies. It allows us to bond and have conversations with people from all over this planet. All these encounters proved that all of us are more alike at our core then we are different. Seeing us all as soul/spirits temporarily inhabiting a body allowed me to understand everyone is part of the same tribe. No matter what we look like on the outside, we are all human. This temporary shell we inhabit is determined by the location of our birth and genes after all. Our human core sameness is why The Way can work to transform you and our society in such powerful positive ways.

Your Choice Matters

Life presents many choices, the choices we make determine our future.” - Catherine Pulsifer

Throughout time, humanity has sought answers to every question we can conceive of and overthrown those who would oppress us. We are seekers of truth and the right way of doing things. We have assigned labels and created disciplines to study everything. In fact, everything we create is based on collective knowledge that has been passed down and improved upon, generation by generation. In the past few thousand years, our understanding of everything has come a long way.

During all this time, some questions have stood out like: Is there a purpose or meaning to life? Why am I here? What should I be doing? Is there a point to all this? How do I become my best? How can I be happy every day? Is there something greater or God? What happens after we die? The reason these questions stand out is because as a people, the vast majority of us throughout time have been seeking a direction, a purpose in life, our special people, a way to fill that void within us, that missing piece that will make us complete. To use a metaphor, we innately want a clear path out of the darkness into the light.

To be clear, the darkness is when you feel that a piece is missing deep within or that ache of desperation or fear of failure or getting lost or of being alone, never really loved, appreciated or understood. It’s a fear of the smothering darkness and shadows that we may fall into and never escape. This desperation you feel is an instinctual need we all share, as basic as being lost in the wilderness and wanting to go home. This feeling is designed as a perpetual energy source forcing us to focus and take actions that fill this void, find truth, real purpose, our special people, and the way to be truly complete, happy and thrive.

One of the keys to being truly successful is knowing that the fear of the void and self-destruction is balanced with the hope of becoming your True Self and living a wonderful life where you do what you are meant to be doing (True Life). This positive image of our ultimate self, having great relationships, living a True Life is very important. For to be truly successful, you must realize this greater being is you.

So, take a moment, right now, and imagine the moment has finally arrived when you find that missing piece to fill that void within. Envision there is a beautiful positive, powerful glowing ball of energy in front of you right now. It’s just there for the taking. This glowing ball of positive energy is the answer to your deepest desires, you feel the rush of good feelings, hope and excitement just by knowing it is here in front of you.

Now you see yourself taking the wonderful ball of light. As you do it changes you. As you become one with the energy you understand life, this world makes sense, you know why you are here and what to do. You have clarity of purpose. You know how to find your people and/or make the relationships you have better. You clearly see your unique path to get you to where you want to go. No matter how difficult, it all seems doable now, no matter how challenging, you can pass the test. You can clearly see the life where you are your True Self, living a True Life that is more wonderful than you ever dreamed.

So, what is the missing piece that really fills this void and how do you find it from where you are right now? For some of us, we may not know what we have been missing until it appears, and for others, the void within is clear. However, in either case, when a missing piece finally appears, we have no real choice as it’s instinctual, we most often just go for it. Many of us even risk everything for an opportunity to fill this void, to take a chance to see if it is real.

We take it is because we know if we let this once in a life time opportunity go, it might never come again, and we might miss out on something we desperately need right now. This missed opportunity can create regrets within us, where we always wonder what could have been. This feeling of loss and missing out added to the hope of getting what we really need, is why we just go for it when that missing piece seem to appear. However, this can mean we may try and fill this void with the wrong pieces or incomplete answers that leave us sometimes worse off than we were before. The fact we have this need, yet we may pick the wrong piece that can hurt us leave us in a tough place.

This is because at our core, we all need to fill this void, would like to understand, and become truly successful. We clearly just don’t all know how. It’s also clear we need to fill this void with the correct piece(s), so it can truly help us become better and better and not make things more difficult. So, what are those pieces? This answer is found within what True Success really means.

The Way of True Success

In the end, the core truth of what it is to be truly successful was found back where I started with my little dying friend. For this answer we need only look at what a loving mother wants for her child, like being healthy, happy, safe, being loved and to love, having positive long-lasting relationships, feeling passionate about something worthwhile and ideally doing that to support ourselves. A True Life where her child grows overcoming obstacles and challenges and is a good and kind person who works hard as well as all the rest of what makes up a full and wonderful life.

So, if True Success is to become this greater self or True Self and live this wonderful life or True Life, how do you do it, exactly?

Your Problem

Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. If you don't have any problems, you don't get any seeds.” - Norman Vincent Peale

The problem is that if you are to be truly successful and become your True Self and live a True Life, you need to integrate a wide variety of vital information into your life, as quickly as possible. The problem is compounded because we are all born ignorant and totally dependent on others, and it’s often what we don’t know that will hurt us the most. The problem is made even more complex because the answers we seek are multifaceted and span many disciplines.

At the time of this writing and throughout all of human history many, if not most of us, live unhealthy unfulfilling lives without any or only a few positive close relationships. A life that is full of confusion and a lot of trauma and drama. A life where we are left feeling lost, lonely, isolated, confused, frustrated, worried, dissatisfied and/or desperate a lot, if not most of the time. Lives far from true. We may feel a keen ache every day because of the void within us. Most of us want permanent positive change. However, knowing and wanting to fix the wrongness within ourselves and our society it’s not enough to become truly successful. To be truly successful, we must take action.

Doing all the research and reading the thousands of books and other materials in all the different genres to find the knowledge on how to be your best physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and as a society is certainly not easy or even possible for everyone. It may even seem impossible to you. This is why The Way was created.

The Solution

It always seems impossible until it's done.” - Nelson Mandela

Collecting these pieces was my mission and as I grew I gathered more and more pieces to this puzzle in the form of books, notes, recordings, sayings, inspirational pictures, and writings of mine. It took me a long time to really discover the full answer, partly because I am male and because our society’s idea of who is "successful" is, as we have seen, is not correct. It is also because while The Way is simple at its core, it’s also complex in the details spanning many disciplines. So, it took me a while to discover The Way it was jumbled together within a lot of other knowledge.

Some of the pieces to this grand puzzle came to me at oddest times where I was compelled to save them somehow, often having to wake up in the middle of the night to write them down or pull over in my car to take a note or to stop everything in life to research and write nonstop for days on end. All this time, I could feel that all these threads I was collecting were part of a much greater truth, and they just needed to be woven together in the right order somehow.

It was such an amazing day when I finally saw the key pattern within this weave. As I said, I found The Way a few years ago while sorting the beginning and the ending of this other book I was working on for over 30 years covering how to be our best physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and as a society. Within these 4 Pillars of Self, Society, Universe and God, I found references to these keys to True Success, and when I put the 7 keys together in the right order, it truly was like a secret code got unlocked and I discovered The Way. After this discovery, I wrote for 3 days straight without much sleep or doing anything else. Then I worked over the next 2 years to finish the book. The book is the one I wish I found when I started my quest.

The Way

“There are many problems, but I think there is a solution to all these problems; it's just one, and it's education.” - Malala Yousafzai

The Way is Living Rational Positive Action in foundational areas of life and is defined in detail within a transformative 7 Step Guide and Life Reference that includes a customizable implementation plan. Each of the steps is filled with key information that is needed to truly thrive and change our world for the good.

Some of what you will learn within The Way includes what True Success really means, why you are here, the meaning and purpose of life, The 10 Laws that will put you on your True Path, the 7 Steps that lead to your True Self, the 2 Keys and 5 Foundations of Life that will set you up to achieve True Success as well as the power to create positive lasting change within your life and our society.

The Way is a process of choice and action that will help you achieve True Success, improve all aspects of your life, help you build more positive lasting relationships and help you create a better society. As your understanding of The Way deepens and you implement the core strategy, much of the rest of what is needed will fall into place naturally.

True Success is a journey where we find our True Path and then go from “working to become” to “being” our True Self. As we join with others who are doing the same, the whole process becomes easier. It’s this unbeatable combination of you being on your True Path, following The Way, while you join with others doing the same that becomes the immovable and unstoppable positive force that has the power to transform you into your True Self and create our True Society. To say it another way, it’s through clarity, focus, action and unity that you will transform yourself into your True Self and help our world be a place everyone can be proud to call home.

Your Challenge

The Ultimate Measure Of A Man Is Not Where He Stands In Moments Of Comfort And Convenience, But Where He Stands At Times Of Challenge And Controversy.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Right now, at this moment, you are at a major crossroads on your life’s mission to become truly successful. The fact is that if you really want to become truly successful and help our world, you need knowledge. This life’s journey of mine has allowed me to collect these keys of knowledge others have scattered.

I have spent my life preparing The Way for you, so now you need only take a few moments of your life to benefit from these insights. The Way is the foundation you need and you found this message at this time for a reason. This vital information will help you meet your current goals and take you to the next level and beyond.

In the end, what you do with your life truly matters. It matters to you, your loved ones, our society, and to me. There is not and will never be another you. You are unique and special. You can be happy, at peace and help this world in so many ways.

So, the question is will you take this opportunity to look a little deeper to see if the answer or at least if some answers can be found within The Way? Will you let this opportunity slip by and then always wonder who you could have been? Or will you take the opportunity to become your "True Self" that is in front of you right now? You have nothing to lose yet possibly everything to gain. The choice is yours.


"The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence." — Confucius