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The Movement

The Movement

Join to Make a Real Positive Difference In Our World

The Movement honors our mission which is to be a catalyst that spurs meaningful positive change within people's lives and our society in order to create a world of lasting peace and happiness that everyone can enjoy. The movement will focus on different issues as well as work to unite many worthwhile groups so that we can have a greater impact.

Our Motto: A motto is a short saying that expresses a rule to live by. Since the author of The Way started collecting positive statements this one has always held a special place.

"All for One, One for All, United We Stand, Divided We Fall"

This saying is from the Musketeers. If you stop and really think about this motto, it is very deep and truly a wonderful core ideal to live by as an individual, organization and as a society. It embodies the idea of the golden rule and how we as a species will succeed or fail. I always liked it because it is artful in the way it rhymes in English. I also like the way it was used as a pledge and motivator before some large goal the three were about to undertake. It was their pledge to one another as well as a motivator. We can also use this as a chant when we get together in large groups. It will show our solidarity and desire to find true solutions with and for all of us.

What Are You Committing to? By joining this movement you agree to take a look at opportunities to make a difference. You are not required to do anything other than be open to helping out. Our movement will focus on a wide variety of issues as we move forward. There is no end to the good that needs to be done. Be a part of something good and positive! This is another way you can make a real difference in the world!

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